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Bucket List ( Cairns - Sydney )

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1. Posted by kkmail (Budding Member 4 posts) 23w Star this if you like it!

Hi there guy's and gal's ! Well im trying to finish off my "bucket list" before I start knockin on heavens door !! So, any advice about where to go, and what to do, and how long in any given place will truly be appreciated ! We are typically beach people but do enjoy other outdoor things. Also we are in our 50's and relatively healthy.. I've thought about doing the outback thing to get the real sense of Oz land, but that appears to be more driving than we want and we thought, heck, we'll just go to a cool zoo ! We do have our plane tickets and have booked a Motorhome so now it's just a matter of filling in the details. So here it is, and I do thank you for your advice, again !

1. Fly from Odesa, Ukraine to Cairns Feb 15th 2018 (arrives 17th) 3 nights in Cairns in a hotel.
2. Pick up Motorhome Feb 20th
3. Head down the coast and drop off the rig in Sydney March 12th
4. 6 nights ( hotel) in Sydney then return to Odesa.

So, that's it, looking forward to hearing from you !!

Thanks, Ken

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5157 posts) 23w Star this if you like it!

It's a shame you have already booked tickets and the motorhome, since December-March is the wet season for the north of Australia, and so not really beach weather. There certainly can be good stretches in between the rain, but recent years have also seen quite a lot of flooding.
I'd recommend evaluating the situation and detailed weather predictions when you're there (you might luck out), but would expect that your best bet might be to just head south as swiftly as possible for the first couple of days, to then spend all your remaining time leisurely exploring the Brisbane to Sydney stretch.

3. Posted by kkmail (Budding Member 4 posts) 23w Star this if you like it!

Thank you for your reply. It's good info. So, it seems as though if your a beachy type sun person, you shouldn't really try and enjoy Cairns and Sydney in the same trip ! My mistake, before booking, I only looked at the weather graph for average temperatures throughout the year and NOT the average rain dump ! O well, we'll make the best of it, travel accordingly, and enjoy ! Thank you

4. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5157 posts) 23w Star this if you like it!

One recommendation for something to do when you're heading down the coast: Broken River at Eungella National Park, west of Mackay. You'll have a very good chance there of seeing platypuses in the wild, and there's also some decent stopover points nearby with short hikes to nice waterfalls and such.

5. Posted by kkmail (Budding Member 4 posts) 23w Star this if you like it!

Thanks again and again Sander ! I have noted your recommendation's with a star !!

6. Posted by Teoni (Respected Member 394 posts) 23w Star this if you like it!

The rain may not be so bad, I would take each day as it comes, if it looks good you can stay longer, if the weather turns then get down south as fast as possible. Since you like beaches I thought I'd throw some recomendations. Byron Bay is a must for beach lovers. Yamba or Iluka they sit at a river mouth so you get the best of both worlds there. Seal Rocks is a little beach but it is in a picturesque location. Tea Gardens has amazing sand dunes, if you go past Sydney around the Woollongong region, there some really nice beaches and further south as a day trip you could visit Hyams beach and Jervis Bay. Jervis Bay however does come with an entry fee though speaking of entry fees according to a recently published book Garie Beach in the Royal National Park is apparently Sydney's best beach though a visit to the Royal national Park might be worth considering as it not only has nice beaches but spectacular cliff top walks.

If you are considering zoos that showcase Australian wildlife, in Queensland there is Australia Zoo that is pretty famous NSW around Gosford The Australian Reptile Park which despite its name does have animals other than reptiles. In Sydney there is Featherdale Park and Wild Life World which if you join a site like Groupon these places frequently have discounted tickets on there. Taronga does have a good collection of Aussie animals and I guess if you want to do something cool you can actually stay overnight in the zoo and experience some of the behind the scenes action of the zoo.

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7. Posted by kkmail (Budding Member 4 posts) 23w Star this if you like it!

Thank you Teoni !

That would be really cool to stay overnight in a ZOO !! Wow !! Your info is invaluable and appreciate you taking the time to enlighten us...I note every place that my fellow travelers write i'll have you know and staying overnight in a ZOO would be the experience of a lifetime. My wife will be in shock, all night long, and so guess what !! hahahaha.. Thank you my friend....

8. Posted by Teoni (Respected Member 394 posts) 22w Star this if you like it!

Here's the website if you want to check out spending a night at the zoo. I don't know how far in advance you have to book or even if it does run every night, so hopefully it will help with research. I noticed on your map you have Airlie Beach listed. Despite the weather the ferries to the islands tend to run no matter what but if you plan on going to Whitehaven Beach you'll have to do a tour since it is on an uninhabited island. I don't know if the tours guides still do this but years ago I did visit Whitehaven in a Februrary and the guide told me that we were lucky the weather had improved because the last few tours he had been doing the alternative itinerary where they didn't actually dock on the island but did a sort of sail around. Before you book a tour check what the policies are for bad weather, personally I would prefer it if the cancelled than gave me a half assed tour but if they do run an alternative itinerary make sure it is something you will be happy with:) Another place to consider visiting is Fraser Island, again tours will be weather dependent, though you can camp on this island if you desire. It is a sand island, so another top beach spot but also it is a great place to see wild Dingoes.

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