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What necessary things besides clothes I need to carry?

Travel Forums General Talk What necessary things besides clothes I need to carry?

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1. Posted by suhasj123 (Inactive 11 posts) 22w Star this if you like it!

Always keep yourself few things like the scanned copies of your travel documents like photographs, tickets, passports, visas and also in emergency you may need bank contact numbers in a web based email account that could be easily accessed in case of any problem with you. Keep your documents and cards. You must also carry some band-aid and general medicines as the safety aid.

2. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1928 posts) 22w Star this if you like it!

What I carry depends on how long I am out of the country.

In my checked in bag I always have a Swiss Army Knife, needle and thread, and small scissors.

In my carry on bag I always travel with a little coil for heating a cup of water for instant coffee. (Stuffed in a small cloth sack, in a plastic tumbler with a plastic spoon. Including a few instant coffee packets too.) Packets have sugar, cream with the coffee.

Like this:

Also in the checked in bag a few other odds and ends like extra paperback novels to read, spare belt, spare shoes, ball cap and sun block for sunny destinations.

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4. Posted by puppa17 (Budding Member 66 posts) 22w Star this if you like it!

Not much is really "needed", Documents and tickets always first, cuz no matter what u can buy the rest even if all ur bags get stolen! I keep that with credit card and some cash, and minimum chlotes in a bag pack. The rest can get lost as far as i know!

5. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1928 posts) 22w Star this if you like it!

Well, I travel with a checked in bag. In over 20 years of flying to and back from various countries - so far - haven't lost a bag yet! Yes, every now and then a bag missed the right flight and the airline delivered the bag to my house or hotel. My bags are clearly marked for identification. My name and Frequent Flyer account number in the outside pocket and another ID inside so the airline can locate me. The name is already on the bag tag too.

I like having changes of clothes, I like changing my underwear every day, so a checked in bag is not a big inconvenience. I like to have shirts, walking shorts and pants that are already tailored to my fit. Spare pair of shoes too! Yeah, you can buy clothes when overseas if necessary but I like the stuff I already have! Being an old fart I am used to work so carrying a couple bags is no problem. (Not always easy to find replacement shoes for big feet in Asia. Not at a cheap price anyway!)

  • * On my long distance flights from USA to Asia in my carry on bag I include a few packets of mustard, ketchup, soy sauce and mayonnaise in the little plastic bag for liquids. These are the packets that usually are left over from McDonalds or similar fast food takeouts. Some condiments can make a bland and boring meal a little more enjoyable. If I have to spend over 20 hours in airports and on long flights I might as well make the most of it!


I keep a record of my itinerary, flight confirmation numbers, hotel reservations and other need to remember information in email form. I put this information in an email that I send to myself and save in a folder. From my computer or any internet computer I can pull up this data if needed. Even a copy of my passport data page and visa. (Password protected of course.)

6. Posted by evil_smiley (Budding Member 5 posts) 22w Star this if you like it!

Camera and medicine for headaches or stomach aches.

7. Posted by Teoni (Respected Member 394 posts) 22w Star this if you like it!

One thing that has become invaluable is my Scrubba Bag. It is a plastic bag that acts as sort of wash board, it saved me a lot of handwashing and it means I don't need to bring as much underwear as I use to because with the Scrubba Bag I can wash them pretty regularly.

A filter bottle I think is also great to carry with you. It saves you money, time and carry space. If you get a developing country filter you can basically fill up your bottle from any source.

On my long distance flights from USA to Asia in my carry on bag I include a few packets of mustard, ketchup, soy sauce and mayonnaise in the little plastic bag for liquids.

Chili is my go to. Makes everything taste better in my opinion.

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8. Posted by Beausoleil (Travel Guru 437 posts) 22w Star this if you like it!

CAMERA. I always take a few electric plug adapters. I keep reservations on my phone. You need your passport to go nearly anyplace and you should take a copy. If you're driving, you need your license and usually an International Drivers Permit to go with it. We've found it hard to find dental floss in a few places. Always take any prescription medications you need and a copy of the prescription written in generic terms. Keep this in your carryon. I take my laptop but most people don't like to travel with one. I also take a journal for writing . . . with a real pencil.

Unless you're going someplace strange, you can buy nearly anything you need so don't worry about it.

Enjoy your trip.

9. Posted by greatgrandmaR (Respected Member 470 posts) 22w Star this if you like it!

What I carry depends on
1) How I am traveling
2) Where I am going
3) How long I will be gone
4) Who is with me.

If my husband and I are driving in the USA, I don't really need my passport, but I will have maps and probably my National Park passport. He will have the extension cord and the charger for my scooter.

If I am driving to a cruise with someone that is not my husband, I have to carry the charger for the scooter myself, and I will have my passport, plus refillable water bottles so I don't have to buy expensive bottled water from the ship.

If I'm traveling with a grandchild, I need notarized authorization from the parents that I am OK to have the child with me.

I usually try to take an extra pair of glasses, although since I've had the cataract in one eye done, I could get by with just maybe a magnifying glass (which I also take). I also have in my pocket book a small unbreakable mirror and a folding hairbrush

I always take extra camera batteries, a charger for the batteries and a power strip so I can plug in the battery charger, the phone charger, the computer and the scooter battery charger at the same time. And of course I will have appropriate plugs if needed for where I am going.

I take a credit card, a debit card and a back-up credit card (which I leave in a safe if there is one) And cash.

I have all the passwords etc that I need to access various accounts in an email file that I have sent to myself which stays on the server so that I can get to it from any computer anywhere or from my phone. I also take an actual paper address book with addresses, phone numbers, account numbers and passwords written in it. I figure no one could read my writing, even if they stole it.

10. Posted by Teoni (Respected Member 394 posts) 21w Star this if you like it!

I see a lot of people referencing emailing details to oneself which is a good technique but if you have a cloud account, this does the same thing with the added bonus of being able to back up your photos and videos.