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Planning a ten days trip to Greece in November 2nd week.
We love culture and history and beautiful landscapes and good, fresh food. For the history part we wish to have a guide.
Originally had planned Mykonos, Athens and Santorini but since the trip is getting delayed and we can go there only in the 2nd week of November, am wondering if there are other places that we can cover instead of these. Athens of course we will surely cover.
Any recommendations and advice in this regard will be gratefully appreciated.
Thank you

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Santorini to Mykonos or v.v. is a seasonal ferry route which ceases operation usually sometime on late October. So if you want to visit both on 2nd week of November, you may have to go back through Athens or spend one or two days on a third/fourth island to make the connections work. Not handy at all.

Where to go and what to see depends of course on logistics but mainly it's a personal call. I guess first you have to decide if an island is a must or not and if so, how to make things work. I don't know how you envisioned your trip on Mykonos and Santorini and if the mentality of the islands on November would suit you or not....
My opinion is that those two islands you mention are not exactly the most representative of Greek culture, not on high season, not on winter, no never, full stop, but this is just my opinion. If I had to chose one on November, that would be Santorini for its unique landscape and architecture which can be more appreciated without the terrible crowds of summer. On the other hand, out of season, the islands lack a bit of this unique ambience that attract so many people on summer. And you take your risks in case of "bad" weather. If for or heavy rain blocks the famous caldera views and doesn't allow you to move around in leisure, there is so much one can do on Santorini on November. That said, hopefully chances are you'll have a mix of sunny, clouded and possible light rainy days, not so bad on November as latter in winter.

For culture, history, beautiful landscapes and fresh food, often mainland has more to offer than the islands. Places to consider are Nafplion, Delphi, Pelion, Meteora or even more far away from Athens like Thessaloniki, Ioannina and sooooo many other places. Of course there is so much one can do in 10 days. Will you hire a car or use public transport or what? Are you up to a multi-destination trip outside Athens or to say split your time in Athens+one or two other places? And what about the guide? Do you mean meeting a guide for a couple of hours on the places of interest or are you after some kind of organized tour?

The more info you provide the more specific advice you'll get.
And don't forget Athens itself which offer a lot to people who make their homework and know where to experience what. Plenty of things to see and do depending on your interests...

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November has the possibility of quite a bit of rain, and cold nights.

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Unlike what most people think Mykonos and Santorini are at their best in Autumn. You will enjoy a beautiful and balmy weather while away from the crowds and experiencing both destinations in a more budget-friendly manner. There will be no problem in finding ferries both islands are very well conected.

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Check for ferry connections. The direct ferry has cease operation by now.

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A problem with Greece and the islands out of season in that many shops shut, transport is cut down or may stop running, tours finish, etc.

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OP posted a couple of months ago the sole question and never came back to this thread or the site.In case h he still follows this, it would be nice to hear a trip report.

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Yes I'd like the hear about this too! Always good to know of winter spots to get away to :).