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Hello! I am in my second year of high school but I'm very serious about moving to Europe once I graduate from high school. I'm trying to learn more about what needs to be done in order for me to be able to move and study in Europe. My main option is studying in the UK but I'm willing to look at other countries like Portugal where I speak the language. I am considering going to the University of Bath or another school around that area, however I haven't had a good look into how US international schools can get in and fees. Also I am not wanting to live on campus and I know I have housing guaranteed around there for me. I just am trying to know what to do and where to look for fees, visas, and other steps to making the move and preparing myself for it. Also here in my high school I am needing to take the PSAT and I was wondering if that's benefital to Europe universities. How hard is it as an average US student with an average gpa and scores to get into a UK school. All help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks x :)

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Your first port of call ought to be the UCAS website which has details regarding admission to all UK universities.

Good luck!

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I'm afraid that link doesn't work.

Here's the UCAS website:

These pages will tell you much of what you want to know:

Each UK university has its own website which will, apart from information about courses, give you lots of information about being an international/overseas student, fees, accommodation and so on and so forth.

Other European countries and their universities obviously have different requirements, fees and processes. Each EU country also has its own universities, fees, processes and requirements. There is no pan-EU application process, other than for a Schengen student visa.

By the way, using 'school' to mean 'university' is American English. In British English, which is the more widespread (it's not just used in the UK), 'school' almost always means 5-18 years. British English uses 'university' or 'college' for post-18 education. If you are going to study in the UK, or through the medium of English in another country, it's worth being aware of the many differences between the two and being prepared, on occasion, to change your usage. :-)

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Based on my experience, UK universities are pretty hard to get into. Not that they are any harder than other countries, just tougher grading i believe, and makes look any of your efforts useless.
There are plenty unis in Holland or belgium of high level and that present all the modules in english.

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Have no specific advice for this area but wishing you good luck! Seems like you have your mind made up!

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The UK is an expensive place to live, so depending on your financial situation, you would find Portugal a much cheaper place to live (plus the weather is much nicer).
If money isn't too much of an issue for you, then you can fly from Portugal anywhere in Europe for long weekends etc at a reasonable price, but if day to day living is swallowing all your funds then you may not have that option.

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If your grades aren't that great, you might look at American universities that have study-abroad programs. Might be easier to get in there. These programs are very popular so start with your own state universities to get the cheapest one. Most private universities have study-abroad programs but they are usually very expensive. You might get more suggestions if you tell us what major you are considering.

Good luck.