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1. Posted by HaadRinGuide (Respected Member 550 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

I just wanted to ask a few questions regarding ATMs in Australia.

  • Do they charge a standard fee to withdraw cash, and if so what is it?
  • What is the limit that you can withdraw in one transaction?
  • What cards are accepted? I presume Cirrus and Visa will be okay?
  • I'll be spending most of my time in Western Australia, so will there by ATMs everywhere I go, or might I find a few smaller villages off the beaten path without ATMs?
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Fees for bank ATMs were just abolished but I don't know if this applies to foreign cards. If you use non bank ATMS like the Redi ATMs they will definitely charge foreign cards withdrawal fees. Usually the fees (both bank and non bank) are about A$2. Also you might want to check if your card doesn't charge its own fees for withdrawals in foreign countries.

Daily withdrawal limits vary from bank, but the range is generally A$1000 - A$2000 a day.

Visa and Mastercard are accepted pretty much everywhere card payment is accepted. American Express and Dinners also have a good network in Australia but a lot of places will tack on a 3% surcharge. It should also be noted that Australia predominatly processes card transactions via chip technology. If your card is only magnetic strip you might find some businesses no longer have the readers for this.

Any town there is a bank you can be sure there is an ATM. Some of the really tiny or isolated towns may not have ATMs but generally ATMs are available everywhere. If you are worried you can download an ATM locater app. If you can get an Australian specific one that will probably be more accurate.

In my opinion unless your card charges a lot of transaction fees and you are looking to reduce that cost, you probably don't need to withdraw that often as even in the most isolated towns they will probably take electronic payment.

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Apparently the fees will remain for those using overseas cards, according to this article:

Both Westpac and CBA confirmed the fee removal would not apply to customers using bank cards from overseas, according to the article.

Looking at my records, I paid an ATM fee of 3 AUD at a Westpac branch in Darwin in May 2015, when I withdrew 753 AUD. I paid 2 AUD for each of three transactions in August 2015, when I withdrew 800 AUD and 1,000 AUD in Brisbane; and 800 AUD in Port Douglas.

In my experience, fees and withdrawal amounts can vary by bank. The amount also can be determined by how much your home bank allows you to withdraw daily. My bank in the U.S. allows me to withdraw up to US$2,000 daily; and also absorbs all ATM fees as well as the 1 percent VISA foreign transaction fee.

I prefer using ATMs in or attached to bank offices. I usually ask how much can be withdrawn; and inquire about fees, if any.

Please be aware that at some airports Travelex is the exclusive provider of exchange services, including ATMs. In that case, I usually use a credit card to pay for transportation to town, where I use my debit card to get cash from a bank ATM. The exchange rate will be better.