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1. Posted by jameserob (Budding Member 52 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

So I'm from the UK and currently in Australia but I'm leaving Oz to travel New Zealand in a few weeks. Can anyone recommend a good travel card? Or a way of spending so that I won't incur charges etc. I have a UK bank account and an Australian bank account. I very, very rarely use the UK debit card...I've been away almost a year now and obviously I don't want to incur charges etc. For the past year I've just been transferring money from my UK to Oz bank account using a certain app (not sure if I'm allowed to mention the name here). I'm only going to be in NZ for six weeks so I don't want to open a NZ bank account really (although I'm starting to think that might be easiest). I have savings in U.K. Pounds and Oz dollars that I'll be using for NZ. Ideally I'd like some sort of travel card or something?

2. Posted by AndyF (Moderator 2777 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Which Australian bank are you with?

I'm not an expert so maybe someone will correct me but the aussie banks seem to be all over NZ so I'd think using your account would be cheap and easy.

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Yes, most of our banks have their origins over the ditch. But we use NZD here not AUD so you still have to convert it. Personally, I haven't used cash here for at least six months - plastic all the way. Most places will accept a credit card although many of the corner convenience shops won't but a debit card using an Eftpos machine is commonplace everywhere. There'll definitely be less bank charges if you have an NZ account. Or use cash drawing out as much as you can at once from an ATM - there are loads of them about.

For the best advice for a foreigner though, someone who doesn't live in NZ might have the cheapest option.