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1. Posted by fabiolimasp (Budding Member 3 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Hello! I'm planning a Europe trip next month. I wanna go to Finland, UK, and Spain. I don't want to spend too much on roaming. Does anyone have experience using a egg wifi before?? Can it cover different countries or do I need to change SIM cards?? Is it worth it??
I will download the offline maps for my destinations, and and use wifi the hotel provides. But i also wanted to be able to have a connection in case i need, and i don't want to rely on public wifi that requires a registration or have to spend a few bucks everytime i need wifi from a coffee shop or something.


2. Posted by AndyF (Moderator 2250 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Could you get a sim in the first country you visit with a data bundle on it? There are no roaming charges now across the EU so you should be able to use it across the three countries.

Which is your first stop?

3. Posted by fabiolimasp (Budding Member 3 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Hi Andy, my first stop is UK, but they require a registration ti get the sim right? Is it cheaper, do you have any idea about the amount of Data provided ?

4. Posted by AndyF (Moderator 2250 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

From what I've read the problems people have with registration are to do with using a non UK card to top up after the first 30 days. If you're coming for under 30 days maybe that means no problem.

I suggest you look at Three or Vodafone and see what deals their uk websites offer. As far as I know you can walk into any supermarket and buy a prepaid sim with data - but I've not actually gone looking for this here as I'm on a contract.

5. Posted by Beausoleil (Travel Guru 1722 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Hi. I bought a LeFrench Mobile SIM card for my phone years ago and have used it all over Europe (and in the USA but it's expensive in the USA). There are quite a few companies that have SIM cards for Europe. I chose LeFrench Mobile because it lets me keep my number forever and only charges 90 cents a month when I'm not using it. Most carriers require you to use the SIM every three or six months or you lose the number and the minutes you have paid for. Read the fine print on the web sites carefully if you want to keep the SIM card. If you just want a SIM card, they are available nearly everywhere. Again, I like the LeFrench Mobile because they sent it to me at home so I could switch out the SIM in the plane and be ready to use it when I landed.

Here is an article I wrote about using mobile phones and there are links to 8 different carriers that you can order ahead to get your SIM. You can check them and see if any suit your purpose and your budget. Be sure your phone is unlocked or this won't work. Link to How to Use Your Cell Phone in Europe

Another solution might be to join Facebook Messenger. You can message anyone else on Messenger for free no matter where you are. You do have to be able to get onto Facebook though. We always look for a free wifi connection when we book hotels, cottages and B&Bs in Europe.

Good luck and enjoy your trip.

6. Posted by Borisborough (Moderator 1584 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

I've just bought a Tesco Mobile SIM with a bundle, pay as you go, and didn’t need to register. The SIM alone was 99p but, because I bought a £10 top up at the same time, the 99p was refunded. Still in the UK but it should be good to last at least the month through Europe. ?

7. Posted by Teoni (Travel Guru 1538 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Wifi eggs are not that cheap. I don't know what quotes you've seen but I have seen them around 5 Euros a day so unless you are planning on using a lot of internet or need to connect a lot of devices to the internet I don't think they are that economical. Besides it will only give you another thing you have to carry around and look after. If you are travelling around the EU it is easy to get SIMs that cover the whole area. You may need a separate SIM for the UK but it will most likely be cheaper than a WiFi egg. If you need to connect another device just use your phone as a hot spot.

I wouldn't completely discount roaming though. You didn't say how long you will be in the UK. If it is a short stay and depending on your provider it may actually be more economical to roam. When I was in USA I used a USA SIM card but then I crossed about a week outside the US and found roaming to actually be better than getting another SIM card.

8. Posted by berner256 (Moderator 1481 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

From my experience it's not worth getting a SIM nor a Wi-Fi device in the places where you are going. Elsewhere, it's best to find out locally which telecom providers work best. Even so, service can be slow and erratic. Even in developed countries, some regions have little or no service.

More and more places are providing complimentary Internet access. I suspect you won't have difficulty connecting in Finland, the U.K. and Spain.

I crisscross the globe at least six months of the year. I'm able to remain connected much of the time with my mobile phone (now a Pixel 2). I seldom pay for service.

I use Google's Project Fi for talk, text and data in 135 countries. The price is reasonable.

9. Posted by Teoni (Travel Guru 1538 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

I use Google's Project Fi

I've read about this and it does sound interesting, unfortunately not only is restricted to a certain phone but it is only available to Americans:(

10. Posted by fabiolimasp (Budding Member 3 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Hello Guys,

Thank you for all of your replies, thanks to you now we have a lot of options to consider.

Andy - I have heard Vodafone in UK is a good option, but haven't heard anything about Three. So i will be looking more about Vodafone and the LeFrench that Beausoleil mentioned.

Beausoleil - Did you get it in France? Are you able to buy it in UK as well?

Boris - So have you tried the signal in other places? Same performance?

Berner - I don't have access to this Googles project Fi. I had issues with free public wifi before, thats why i didnt want to rely only on them.

Teoni - I asked because I checked Hippo, Fast Roam and Global Advance, and their price were so so, which made me consider a SIM instead, but then someone else in another forum mentioned iVideo and i checked their Europe device is only $0.99 a day and it called my attention. But i haven't used it before so i wanted to consult you guys first about it.

I know free public wifi seems the reasonable choice for someone on a budget, but i really prefer to have other options in case of an emergency.