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Hi All,

I was just wondering if any of you have any reservations about travelling at the moment?
With the constant threats of terrorism and now that the war has started.

I have heard a large number of people here in Limerick say that they are now scared to
travel. But surprisingly none of them were afraid to travel after the terrorist attacks of the
last few years but are only scared now the war has started.

Do people ever think about these things? Or are we just being made paranoid by

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You're raising a very difficult issue here :-) I think a lot of people are genuinely scared that their planes may crash or be hijacked; that they might go to a restaurant that will be bombed, but they don't think that they're probably risking a lot more just crossing a road in rush hour. So it's probably a mix of propaganda and real fear.

Here in Denmark I don't witness a lot of propaganda yet, and I'm hopefully going to the Philippines in 3 weeks, war or no war. Of course the war is terrible and if cancelling my trip could in any way contribute to ending the war or just not make it happen I'd gladly do that.... BUT the point is: I'm not scared of travelling/flying at all.

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I wouldn't have any problems travelling at the moment, although I am constantly bombarded with the news of terrorism and the likes. The only thing I am a little concerned of at the moment is the virus outbreak in parts of Asia. I would still go on any trip though and just make sure I look after myself properly and respond to any strange symptoms very quickly. Not trying to put you off there either Solvejg

We will have to wait and see how this dreadful war will affect travel in the future though


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I don't even think a lot about the SARS, I read on WHO homepage that it's mainly been health workers that got SARS and then only through close contact. Yesterday I heard that they've probably found out that all these recent cases were infected by the same source and they've pinpointed it to a specific hotel and hospital in HK, so that doesn't affect me a lot either, but of course you can't help thinking about it and try to be very careful.

The war in itself is horrible and the effects of it will probably drain economies all over the world not to mention the freedom of travelling. Just think what it will do to countries that depend so much on the tourist industry, no matter what we think of "tourists" the fact is that a lot of people depend solely on the income from this industry. Well, we'll just have to see what will happen.

have a great WE all of you, here it's cold but sunny so spring might finally be approaching.