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I’m new to this but I’m planning on travelling through SE Asia from October through April. I plan on travelling to Thailand and staying there for 3 months after I will travel on to Cambodia for 15days, then onto Vietnam for a month or little longer. After I plan on going to Philippines and ending my trip in Bali and fly back to London. I plan on taking £10k with to cover me for 6 months will this be enough? Considering I will stay in both hostels and hotels/air bnb?
I’m aware I need a visa for Thailand for 3 months and a visa for Vietnam.
Is my itenary good or too hopeful for the amount of time or money? Should I book flights as I go? Any advice will be helpful?

Thanks :)

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If you travel to Cambodia in the middle of your Thailand stay, it may make your Thai visa situation easier.
As for your budget, it rather depends on you. Are you planning to party every night (which is sometimes difficult to avoid in Hostels) or do some of the more expensive activities like scuba diving?
You can certainly survive very well on £10k for 6months (or longer) but you can also blow it in 2 months (if you try :) )

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" I plan on taking £10k with to cover me for 6 months will this be enough? "

I could do it but I am a cheapskate. A lot depends on you and what you choose to do. Tourists do get hurt on trips. In Thailand too many tourists end up injured or dead riding scooters and other vehicles. You get hurt you incur extra costs.

You fall in love or lust with some "person" your plans could be thrown out the window. Then you might want to change the things you do. Even the possibility that some random guest you invite to your hotel room could steal your wallet, passport, computer/cell phones and anything of value - then you WILL have to change your plans.!

You have lots of one way flights between various countries. Possible adjustment is to buy round trip to Bangkok and split your time in that country Leave for the other countries you visit - return to Thailand again for a while and fly back home from there. Do the math if round trip saves you any money.

Have back up sources of spending money. If you intended to use a single debit card that card could become lost or damaged in some way where it will not work in ATMs. Have a couple credit cards available in case you need extra money for an unplanned cost. (Tourists fall off roofs, balconies, down holes, get hit by vehicles, bit by animals, eat some "bad food" and get sick, etc. There are always unanticipated expenses.)

When you use cards there are some expenses for ATM use. I never use debit or credit cards for small cheap purchases. Just for flights and cash from ATMs. When you do use an ATM the ATM fee is the same for a small amount you take out or the most your bank and the ATM allows. Tell your bank card providers you will be using cards overseas before leaving home. They may panic when charges show up from distant countries and think something is a little dodgy. They may suspend the card unless previously informed by you.

If you are bringing a huge amount of cash with you you have to figure out how best to safeguard that money. Many hotels have safety boxes or there is some kind of secured storage near at or near the front lobby desks.

Six months is a long time. If you have rent or timed payments to make during the time you are gone you can use Bill Pay from your bank account. I can transfer cash between bank and credit union accounts and pay various bills back home even when overseas.

Always think safety. Make yourself aware of scams that exist for each country. One thing I never do is put passport, cash, valuable electronics in any stored bag or suitcase especially one stored out of sight. (Like on buses.) I keep my passport, cash and computer with me at my seat when on buses, even in taxis. If a taxi driver takes off after I get out of the cab with my bag in a trunk at least I have my "good stuff" with me. Anyway, when alone in a taxi I never use the trunk/boot. I put my bag on the back seat with me. At my stop I slide out dragging the bag - THEN pay the driver!

Good luck.

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That is very helpful info Albert. I am going to show my son who is doing similar backpacking from Mexico down through South Anerica.

Dylan also has another account with return air fare and emergency money. Plus is going to open up a Citibank account to transfer funds into to take out cash as they dont charge international fees. So its always good to shop around and to have more than 1 account. We've been looking also into having a fake wallet with some old cards and a bit of cash.

Another good idea is to keep your bank emergency phone no. handy in case you do lose your card. And having passport info and emergency no. kept somewhere. All these little things can save you a lot of heartache.

Hostelworld is a good site too.

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I travel with a small laptop. After booking flights I keep a copy of the itinerary and confirmation number in email form. I save that email in a folder. Anytime I need information I can pull it up on my computer or if necessary use an internet shop.

I have password - pin number protection on my laptop. If someone steals my computer why make it easy for him to use it! Anything to do with my money - bank accounts, credit union account, credit card accounts are not kept open. When I need to check my bank balances I must enter my password first. (Why make it easy for a thief to have access to your banking data!!)

Need to remember information I store in email form. I do keep telephone numbers for credit - debit cards in a folder on my computer. Some private data is in a rough personal code that I have used for years. Ex. Numbers may be backwards or letters for numbers. If a thief steals your computer device why make it easy for him or her to gain access to credit card or debit card numbers!!!!

Some tourists take a photo of the passport information page and save that in email form. Also if you have visa stamps with arrival - departure dates you can save a photo of that in email form. Someone steals your smart phone or laptop you can still access the information using an internet computer. When using an internet computer clear your searches and history. Definitely do not save any email passwords on an internet shop computer. (Why make it easy for a thief to gain access to your personal data!!) I have used internet shop computers to print something from a bigger screen and found tourists personal data with open passwords.

A photo copy of the information page might come in handy if a passport is lost or stolen. Keep photo copy in different place in your bag or pack. (Packs. Have packs you can lock. This may mean having D rings sewn on flap pockets for the locks.) Have padlocks too.

Safeguard your passport! Not like this fool below! Keep your passport from getting soaked from sweat and rain. It is not easy to replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport when overseas!

I like pants with flap pockets. I have velcro on my pocket flaps. I have a "travel uniform" with pouch pockets. I have found dropped passports on a plane and in airports. Being an old fart, I don't care so much about fashion or what other people think is overkill. My passport is in a pouch that is on a short cord which is attached to a loop in my side pocket. Works for me for well over 20 years of private travel on my dime! I can stuff my plane tickets and copy of the itinerary in the same small pouch. Better safe than sorry! For my travel pants I had the back seat seams double stitched. Also a few extra stitches close the side pockets a little better. When sitting less chance of coins or keys falling out.

Other stuff to consider. If you are leaving an apartment empty for a while - take out the trash! Especially fish and meat wrappers, after a couple weeks they stink up the whole house! Stop any mail delivery or arrange for someone to pick up the mail. My post office will hold my mail if I fill out the form at their office.

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