Hi, I'm new to traveling, coming to Australia in March!

Travel Forums Introductions Hi, I'm new to traveling, coming to Australia in March!

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Hi, I'm Matt, 26. I am new to the forums and traveling. I have been anticipating traveling around the world for a couple years now. I finally quit my job at the beginning of this month working as a carpenter/ laborer for commercial remodeling and I have just been granted a 12 month tourist visa to Australia! I am taking a big leap of faith here, I have never done anything like this before.

I am planning to travel solo for now and hopefully will meet a travel buddy along the way. I plan on volunteering for hosts to attain a more authentic cultural experience and to cut down on costs for food and accommodation.
Right now, I am trying to make a decision on where to book my flight arriving to Australia in March (beginning of autumn). I would like to do a loop around the entire country and also visit the Red Center within the 12 months that I am there.
So My dilemma is; where should I start and which way should I go, clockwise or counter clockwise?

I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to be here with you all. Open to all suggestions and comments, Thanks!

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Hey Matt,

Sounds really a huge decision you made! How are things with you after quitting your job? I'm thinking of doing the same but still weighing things up! Let me know, I believe I could get some inputs from you!

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Hi Mike,

Yes it was a very hard decision actually! Things are going well now, quitting my job felt like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. For the last year I became very disciplined, thanks to my financial coach, paying off all my debt and starting a savings fund. Right now I am just trying to keep myself busy until
the day I leave. I payed and applied for my visa before I quit my job as well to give me the extra momentum and courage to make the decision.

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Hey Matt,

Great to hear that things are going well for you there! So, everything's fixed and you're just waiting for the day you leave. Well, looking forward to your adventure in Australia! Update us here on the places you'll be visiting!

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Hey Matt.

I’m an Aussie, born and raised (although as of January 2018 I’m living in Denmark for 10 months) so I hope I can give you some insight. The best parts of Australia are on the east coast, so that’s where you want to spend most of your time. If you’re planing a road trip I would say land in Adelade (south Australia). The Barossa Valley is worth a visit and if you’re driving to Melbourne then it’s along the way. I’m not sure if you’re planing to drive or what... but if you’re driving I would say that you start adelade, then go to Melbourne, drive through Sydney (via Canberra if you have time?). You don’t have to do straight trips though, stop along the coast and enjoy it. Check out the blue mountains if you want. Then go Sydney through Coffs Harbour and get to Queensland. Maybe have a look at Brisbane, and go to Cairns or Port Douglas. You can spend years there without seeing it all. While in Queensland check out the Great Barrier Reef (and go snorkeling in it before our politicians destroy it forever). Also go for a tour in the Daintree Forrest. Maybe go to Cape York but up to you. Most of your time in Northern Territory should be in the outback and check out Uluru and all that. There are some great tours there and they help you get the full experience. Have a look at Western Australia if you can be bothered... message me if you have any questions! And email me if you want ( - snip - ). Have a good one mate

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Hi Matt, I live in Perth , Western Australia, but grew up in Sydney, on the otherside of the country ( east coast). Australia is so large ( youu can easily fit Europe into it with heaps of space left over. Climate changes from state to state so presently Northern Australia is experiencing monsoon weather, high humidity and rain - better to arrive in southern Australia - Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or Hobart.

The northern dry commences from end of May - to early Nov - so then you travel to Red centre ( Alice Springs, Northern Territory ( Darwin & Kakadu etc), Northern West Aust & Queensland.

Good Luck