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1. Posted by Flowerdisc (Budding Member 2 posts) 7w Star this if you like it!

Hi All,

Me and my friend are looking to go traveling for about 2 months around the start of next year. We want to go to Thailand, Bali, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

We are not really sure how to go about starting with this, i have been on some gap year/travelling websites but it is all a bit confusing. Is it worth booking through one of these companies? As you then need to book flights yourself on top? How much would you expect a trip like this to roughly cost?

Any advice would be a great help!


2. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5644 posts) 7w Star this if you like it!


My first thought would be to skip some of your ideas about places/countries.

With 2 months only Australia will be tight, but you could focus on one part of Australia for a month and than one month in NZ or one month Thailand/Bali (maybe go into Malaysia/Cambodia for some side trips).
Or only Southeast Asia for 2 months to avoid high costs of extra plane tickets etc.


3. Posted by Teoni (Respected Member 433 posts) 7w Star this if you like it!

I would agree with Mike, unless you have a specific area you want to visit in Australia trying to fit it into a two month trip might be ambitious. New Zealand you could fit in if you plan on hitting the main sight. I don't think you need companies to book flights. It is pretty easy to do these days yourself. Perhaps use to help you work out a flight rooute. Bali is fairly cheap and you don't need to pre book tours. There are lots of independant operaters hawking their tours in town. You may like to haggle to get a better deal. Thailand is a well worn tourist route. Most people don't seem to have much trouble arranging a Thai trip.

4. Posted by Andyf (Moderator 955 posts) 7w Star this if you like it!

Hi Ash.

I'd say do it independently - those companies may offer a bit of hand-holding but they add to the price and to me it's not worth it, when what you're planning is relatively easy.

Cost is hard to say because we're all different. When I travel I'm not much into paying to visit attractions, I prefer hiking and exploring, and I'm not a drinker. On the other hand I usually avoid dorms these days so my accommodation costs are getting higher. My budget for my next New Zealand trip, flying from the UK and with some time in Hong Kong, is working out at £75 per day including everything. So for your 2 months that may be £4000. You're doing a bit more hopping around different countries which adds up, but also visiting some much cheaper countries so you could do it for less. Or if you indulge in some nightlife you could burn through a whole lot more.

Where are you travelling from, and what nationality are you? This has a bearing on visas and how easily you can get into places.

As others have said, you don't have time to do all of those places in depth. If you cram it all in I fear you'll spend too many days in transit, spend a lot on transport, and be left with the feeling that you need to go back to see them properly.

Instead I would either choose Australia or New Zealand as your main destination, because either one of those needs a month or six weeks to see properly. In my opinion NZ is the better choice but plenty of other people would say the opposite, but I can make a strong case for it having a lot more to see than Australia. Anyway don't attempt NZ in less than 4 weeks, whereas Oz is in some ways a collection of citybreaks and you could see for example Sydney in a few days en route to NZ. If it were me I'd make a schedule like 2 weeks in Thailand, 5/6 weeks New Zealand, with maybe a few days each in Sydney and Fiji if you want to tick more of your objectives. In fact what I'd really advise is two trips - this one Thailand/NZ/Fiji, and next year go and do Bali/Australia. (Only that won't happen - you'll want to go back to NZ again... ;) )

Depending on your nationality you have time limits such as 30 days in Thailand, or may need a visa or an advance travel authorisation for Australia or NZ. Look at your own government advice - if you're British that's the Foreign Office website which has links to the genuine site for Australia's electronic travel authorisation. Don't be scammed by fake sites. Come back with your nationality and people here will advise you of any issues to watch out for.

Beyond that it is fairly easy to go travelling where you're planning. Travel gear can be easy - you don't actually need much. Say for instance a small backpack, a change or two of clothes, some toiletries and a phone charger. Anything you forget or break will be easy to buy in the places you're going, often cheaper than at home. Travelling light is more fun and less hassle. Get yourself some travel insurance, or for a couple of months you probably want to look for a policy that calls itself backpacker insurance - I start looking for things like that on, and for flights I use the skyscanner website.

5. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1944 posts) 7w Star this if you like it!

Where to start? Well MONEY is a good place to begin!

With a lot of money you can do more than if you have a tight budget!

Where are you starting from? Pull up a map and check the distances between various countries. Lots and lots of water to fly over!

You have countries where you will need to pay for some long distance flights. Also not all countries are equal for how much day to day spending will cost.

Even with 2 months you won't have enough time to do Australia and New Zealand any real justice. Never been to Fiji but I know it is a lot closer to Australia than Thailand. Perhaps do Australia and New Zealand for the 2 months. Do Australia and New Zealand as Choice One. Then see if flying and staying in Fiji is worth the cost. Round trip to Australia with separate flight to NZ and return might be cheaper than one way flights. Do the math for round trip vs one way flights. Return home and visit Asia next time.

Thailand is easy to do and you can get to nearby countries by discount airlines and overland. Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam are easier on your budget. Do Thailand and nearby countries as a Choice Two. (Bali is popular with single ladies out for partying. You have to decide if a side trip is worth the additional cost.) First research the cost of one way flights to Bangkok vs paying round trip. Do the math for round trip to Bangkok vs only a one way flight. Keep in mind that nearby countries are not expensive to fly to or even use a bus or train. Return home and do AU - NZ net trip.

For each country you intend to visit do some research for the visa requirements.

The months you choose to travel will be affected by normal weather patterns prevailing in each country.

Up to you!

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6. Posted by Teoni (Respected Member 433 posts) 7w Star this if you like it!

whereas Oz is in some ways a collection of citybreaks

Oh dear:( I hope that is not Australia's reputation overseas Having traversed around my country since I was kid I can tell you we have lots of non city destinations, activities and sights and lots of destinations that take you as far from civilisation as you can get

7. Posted by Andyf (Moderator 955 posts) 7w Star this if you like it!

Quoting Teoni

Oh dear:( I hope that is not Australia's reputation overseas Having traversed around my country since I was kid I can tell you we have lots of non city destinations, activities and sights and lots of destinations that take you as far from civilisation as you can get

I wasn't running Australia down. First time I went to NZ I met a couple of Scottish girls doing both countries over 8 weeks; like a lot of people they'd looked at Australia and New Zealand on the map and allocated their time proportionally to their sizes. Big mistake, they said, and I've come to agree. Australia is no slouch but New Zealand edges it for me, and I try to correct the impression of first time travellers so they don't think NZ is some kind of also-ran next to Oz. :)

8. Posted by Flowerdisc (Budding Member 2 posts) 6w Star this if you like it!

Hi All,
Thanks for your comments, they have been really helpful. We may look at going for 3 months instead of two, we know we won’t be able to see everything in that time but even if we just see the highlights.

It seems going through one of those companies does work out very expensive so I doubt we will do that, we will try and organise it all ourselves.

Looking forward to getting the ball rolling!

9. Posted by berner256 (Moderator 939 posts) 6w Star this if you like it!

Expanding airline routes make 'round-the-world travel more affordable. So widen your horizons and think outside the box in planning your itinerary. You might be delightfully surprised at what you can find.

As previously mentioned, will help, as well as and

Sign up for airline loyalty programs to get advance notice of fare sales. This applies to AirAsia and other low-cost carriers.

As mentioned in previous posts, think one, two or three steps ahead of where you are headed to forestall potential problems.

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