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1. Posted by madmonkey (Budding Member 9 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey all,

Me and a few friends are interailing around eastern europe in june and july. Just wondering if anybody had found any little gems or cool places to stop of at? We fly into Prague and out of Bratislava hoping to do a bit of a circle and cover as much as possible.

Also if anybody has done any interailing was it good? or were there problems with the ticket or availability of trains?

Any places/ info / anything would be fantastic.

Thanks alot :)


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Hey madmonkey,

What countries are covered are your railpass? I've been to every country in Eastern Europe. Let me (us) know what countries you can go to and I'll try and post some places that I think are "gems". Krakow and Prague are my favorites. Lviv is an "undiscovered gem" but being in the Ukraine (Eastern Europe but you may not be going there), don't know if you're going that far East.

I've been to the Czech Republic 3 times and I missed Cesky Krumlov which looks like am awesome place (a "gem" that I missed because I didn't know to read TP before I went).

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Before we find out countries you're planning to visit, or can visit with your rail pass, I thought I'd mention another favorite of mine is Tallinn, Estonia. The walled Old Town is really cool!

4. Posted by madmonkey (Budding Member 9 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

The interail pass im hoping to get is for zones D and H, which includes, Poland, Solvakia, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bosnia-Herz, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Thanks for the replies

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When you go to Krakow, make sure and visit the Salt Mines just outside the city. You can take a local bus there for less than a Euro. It's really amazing, the mines are hundreds of years old and way down below there's even a cathedral (everything made form salt).

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Hi, i went to eastern europe for a month last summer. I woujld def recommend cesky Krumlov. It is a gorgeous little town. granted there is not loads to do there, but you could spend hours just wandering around all of the little backstreets. it is also very cheap for pretty much anything you could want.

Krakow is another definate must. An absolutely beautiful city, with lots to do and a couple of day trips are possible out to both the salt mines and auschwitsch. Both will take a whole day as it takes at least 40 minutes to get to both. There is a really good bus service though that runs from near the train / bus station.

I really liked Budapest, the architecture was amazing and there was tons to do and see. I was only there for 2 days, but would ahve liked more. Be prepared for some hill climbing though, as there are a couple of hills that u need to climb to get the best views.

Prague is another place to see, it really does live up to all of its hype. I personally wasnt a fan of romania, but i know others who have been, so depends what u want from your trip really.

Anyway, if there is anything in particualr i can help with just let me know as i have done many of the countries that u seem to be going to.


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couldnt read this without reccomending bosnia. we loved it too much to stop talkin about it. For us though, the best part is making it up as you go along and just go places cos their names are cool, or you saw a cool pic of the place, or someone you just met on the street is going there. For us it was about what you do and more particularly who you meet when you get there. Talk to everyone and you'll have a deadly time!!

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Quoting anon ali

couldnt read this without reccomending bosnia...you'll have a deadly time!!

Interesting choice of words 8)