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I am mid-forties guy from California travelling to Thailand (Bangkok) at the end of May, solo, for two weeks to enjoy the tropical fruits especially Durian, Mango, mangosteen and every other fruit that grows in tropical climate. Fresh Durians are not available in California. Only frozen ones and those are DELICIOUS. So I would love to try the fresh one.

I also love Asian cuisine, sea-food and this will be a perfect opportunity for me to enjoy what Thailand has to offer.
I have done lots of research and seems like Chiang-Mai probably would have been a better destination for fruit lovers. but now I have booked everything. Maybe next time.

So is there any other fruit enthusiastic person like me travelling to Thailand during the same time that would like to join me for the fruit, orchards, market, sea-food search ? I will be staying near Terminal 21 which provides an easy access to MRT and skytrain for ease of travel. So far khlong toei market and Or Kor Tor are the only two areas that I have on my list that will definitely visit but i would like to explore all that I can in two weeks. So having a travel partner with similar interest will be a great fun.

I am planing to visit other tropical areas after like Bali, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico in future. I am computer software engineer by profession and can easily work remotely as long as I have good internet connection. I started my fruit journey little late but I am glad I have found my passion. I have visited Florida last year in the mango season and it was GREAT. will definitely go back.


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In Thailand you sometimes see signs banning durians on buses, in hotels and in taxis and other transportation. A software engineer should have no problem googling up signs and warnings for durians. Some durian information is kind of amusing. (Durians stink like something dead mixed with really old garbage along with smelly socks.)

Look up tamarind. Something different from a tree. Going through various markets you will notice all sorts of fruit. Bangkok and major cities have some pretty good modern supermarkets. Stop in and see what is in season in their produce section. Some supermarkets have in store restaurants. Foodland Supermarket has the "world famous" Took Lae Dee Restaurant with a cheap breakfast.

Seafood. When you go hunting up sea food restaurants in Bangkok do a search for "seafood restaurant scams" first. One particular restaurant in Bangkok comes up often. If a tuk-tuk driver recommends a particular place to eat or shop at - this could be a place where you pay too much for something! (Tuk-tuks come up in scams pretty often anyway.)

Always a good idea to Google up scams for every country you visit before you show up and become a victim.

By the way, some seafood in Asia is raised on chicken poop. Google it up.

Terminal 21 Mall has a good food court.

  • *If you have plans to fly to Thailand on a one way flight you will need a tourist visa. Or have a flight departing Thailand before 30 days are up. This may be enforced at your first departure airport.

Have fun.

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I'm surprised to hear that California doesn't have fresh Durian. With all the Asian immigrants you would have thought someone would have started even a small farm somewhere. If you can get hold of a local guide who can show you through the markets, they would really give you a good insight into the food of the region.

I hope you have done research on the growing seasons as a lot of fruits are seasonal.

Something that would surprise a lot of people is the fact that there are actually many varieties of Durian. Some are really sweet, some are not that sweet, some extra buttery, some even have a little tang:)

Another fruit you should consider that is great fresh is Jack Fruit. It is an amazing sweet meaty fruit. Star Fruit/ Carambola is also a great not so sweet refreshing one. Custard Apples and Rose Apples are a bit of an acquired taste but give them a go if you can. While not exactly native South East Asia has really taken to Pitaya or Dragon fruit. I personally love the red ones. And look out for Salak Fruit, absolutely one of my favourites Of course you need the classics, Rambutan, Longan and Lychees which apparently they just found shouldn't be eaten on an empty stomach. While you are at it don't forget to try green mangoes and papaya.

You should know that in South East Asia it is quite common to eat fruit with salt and chilli.

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