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Hi guys,

My name is Charlie, and I'm 19 and I am planning on going travelling to Australia, this is all a bit new to me and even though I have wanted to do it for ages, I feel like it is now coming together. Just a few questions, wondering when would be the best sort of time to go in 2018/2019? I am currently working full time and have been saving up for a while now and am obviously going to be looking for some work too once I am out there as I imagine it will be an expensive trip! Just wondering what sort of job opportunities are open for travellers once you are out there. Also if anyone else is thinking about doing the same, would like to hear your plans for when you get there, thanks 😁🌴

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In terms of when to start that will come down to what you want to do in Australia. I hope you applied for a working holiday visa. In terms of work, it depends where you plan on travelling, in the cities your best chance will most likely be in hospitality, if you want to travel rural you'll most likely get fruit picking jobs (obviously this will depend on the season)

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Anytime of the year is a good time to start, although depending on time of the year, you might want to head for different areas of the country. In particular, December through March is the "wet season" up north, generally meaning frequent torrential rains in Cairns, and very unpleasant humidity in Brisbane. Meanwhile, late December through late January tend to have bush fires in the south; easy enough to avoid, but they can still hamper your plans. Also, if you want to be in Sydney for New Year's, you're not alone, so book accommodation by May/June at the latest.

Typical backpacker jobs include fruit picking etc, mostly since doing three months of that grants you the right for a second year WHV. See the harvest guide (a PDF download lower down on that page) for which regions of the country have which crops ready for harvesting at which time of the year. In the cities, there's quite a bit of call center jobs and general office work, and there's lots of bar and restaurant work available in the more touristy locations as well (though for most you'll need to get a certificate for responsibly serving alcohol, with the exact requirements for this differing from state to state). If you have an in demand skill (nursing, construction, mining, IT), you might be able to find work at well above minimum wage that'll actually look good on your CV, too.