What extra should carry for vacation in Vietnam?

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Make copies of your passport information page. Make copies of your visa stamp page for this trip. Keep copies in a location separate from your passport. Safeguard your passport, keep it clean and dry. (In rain or you sweat a lot keep your passport in a plastic bag.) Lose it or damage it you could be in for a whole bunch of crap!

I like pants with flaps that can be buttoned or closed secure with velcro.

Have more than one source of spending money. I like to have a couple credit cards available in case of some sort of emergency. Read up on currency particular to Vietnam. Notify your banks that you will have their credit and debit cards overseas before leaving on your trip. Card providers might get a little anxious when withdrawals start to come from overseas suddenly and suspect fraud. (Google search with your computer will give you many links for how to handle money in Vietnam.)

Always research any scams you may encounter for any country you visit. For me, I try to avoid putting a bag in a taxi trunk. When room is available I put my bags on the seat. I get out they come with me. Then I pay the taxi fare. On buses or trains do not put cash, valuables, passport or electronics in a pack or bag that is stored out of sight! Someone else, even a fellow tourist, can run off with your bag or thieves can go through the bags and steal stuff.

Below is a link from this forum for Vietnam. You can buy an old fashioned travel guide too.

If you invite any people you meet on your travels to your hotel room remember to keep money, passport, phone, computer and anything of value locked up. If traveling with people you meet overseas always check your bags for anything that might "accidentally" be put in your bag. (Something illegal put in YOUR bag by a recent acquaintance you meet on the trip could put YOU in jail.) Have bags and packs that you can lock.

Don't wander around with your head stuck playing with a smart phone screen or looking at a map and fall in a hole. Or worse have a thief grab your phone and run away. Don't wear expensive gold chains or someone could snatch it off and run. (Same as back home.) If you walk close to the curb be careful so a couple guys on a motorcycle don't have an opportunity to grab your bag, phone, anything of value and run off with it. Be aware of what is happening around you!!

I like to have a can opener, Swiss Army knife, short clothes line, needle and thread and band aids in my check in bag. Larger sizes of sun block - sun screen and aftershave can be taken in your check in bag too.

Back home if you are leaving a house or apartment vacant stop your mail if it is in an open mail box. Or have someone collect the mail. Don't advertise that your house is vacant encouraging thieves. If the house is vacant take out the trash, otherwise any garbage will rot and encourage flies and rodents and stink up the house.

Have fun.

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