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Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone who is currently in Brisbane or has previously recently been to Brisbane on a Working Holiday Visa can give me some advice on the below questions/queries I have. So, I will be moving to Brisbane on my own in September 2018 on a working holiday visa which is for 1 year initially, however if I like I could extend for another year, however I would have to complete something like 88 days farm work to activate this. My preference would be to work for an employer for 6 months, build up my funds and then do a bit of travelling and then when I need to return to work for another employer - As my visa only allows me to work for 1 employer for up to 6 months. My queries/concerns/worries are below.

1) How easy is it to find work in Brisbane, over here in the UK I am a Senior Employment Advisor and have 5 years experience within the Welfare to Work/ Employment and Enterprise sectors. Will I be able to find work within an office capacity easily or are they very farfetched? Are there any agencies in Brisbane that i should contact before i leave or when i arrive in Brisbane to give myself more of a chance of obtaining a job? Or any good job websites to look on?

2) How much money would you advise to bring with me to Brisbane, just so I can ensure I can be financially stable whilst looking for a job?

3) What is the social life like in Brisbane? As I would be looking to meet people to chill out with etc. Also, what is the football (soccer) scene like in Brisbane as this is also a potential hobby I would be looking at taking part in?

4) I'm looking at shared accommodation as it'll be cheaper and also the social aspect of it as well such as having housemates who may want to chill etc. Would you advise this? Where should I look for shared accommodation opportunities etc?

5) Any advice that you feel would be of use, feel free to let me know of.

Thank you!

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So you can work for more than one employer you just can't work for the same one for more than 6 'months. That's all so you can do as much or as little as you like as you are casual
If I was you I would look outside of the city's as you got to to take in to account that there is a lot of working visa people in these city's from asia and so on. And the hole point of traveling is to do something out of the norm ....
Also with the farm work. Or rural work. How ever you want to look at it. You really want to complete that with in your first 9 months to give the visa kiddos time to process or if there is a problem you never know what can happen hahah.

Anyways good luck.