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Hi All,

I will be visiting Fiji next January... (yes, its a long time away lol) i am trying to plan a head. if anyone can give me advice on general cost of living etc and also which part of Fiji they recommend to visit that would be much appreciated!

Ive heard about a Bar/Boat called Cloud 9 situated in the Ro Ro Reef, has anyone been there before, if so whats your thoughts as i would love to give it a go

Thanks guys

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Hi there,

contrary to popular belief Fiji is actually not an expensive country to travel. Many people decide to stay in fancy resorts instead of hostels, that´s why they end up spnding so much money. Hostels are available all over the islands (some resorts also offer dorms for low prices) and the average price you have to pay per night is between 30 - 40 FJD for a dorm bed. Also, public transport (local buses) are very cheap whereas tourist buses (with a/c) and minivans are rather expensive.

Depending on how much time you have, I suggest checking out different places on the main island Viti Levu (perhaps some of the islands you can go to from Nadi, such as the Yasawas. Also, consider going south to the capital Suva. Along the coastline, there are a few areas worth exploring, for example Sigatoka, which is home to the sand dunes and Kula-Eco Park. Suva is nice for an overnight stay - hot, humid and packed with people during the day, but the night life is quite good! ;) From Suva, head south-east to some of my favourite islands Caqalai and Leleuvia. Both places are beautiful and not many tourists find their way there. If you still have time, check out Raki-Raki in the north of Viti Levu.

However, if you really want to experience Fiji to the fullest, I recommend going to Vanua Levu (esp. Savusavu area where you can find all kinds of fun outdoor activities) and Taveuni (great for rainforest hikes and diving!!!!!). If you take the ferry to Taveuni it takes almost 18 hours from Suva, but it´s totally worth it! Also, the ferry price is dirt-cheap compared to flying. :D
Perhaps this will give you some more inspiration on Fiji!

As for Cloud 9, I´ve never been there personally, many people go there for a relaxing day snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, drinking cocktails. You can go there from Nadi - just like to any other island cruises. I would probably go on an island cruise instead of Cloud 9 as you will get to see more islands and have the same kind of activities (snorkeling, relaxing, sunbathing...). But that´s up to you. :)

I'm sure you´re gonna have a great time! And I think it´s good to start preparing in advance to make most of your stay!

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