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Hey All!

I am planning on visiting South America in Next Feb for about a month. the places i want to visit are Buenos Aires, Santiago, Laz Paz and Rio.

Whats the cheapest way to get around these location?

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"The Number 11 Bus" Which is slang for "on foot" But that ain't helpful, really.

The Answer is BUS. There is a good bus that goes from BsAs to Santiago, (I did it the other way) that stops in Mendoza and a very weird town that is all casino. Mendoza is a great place for a little break on your journey. Going over the Andes by bus is fascinating.

From Santiago, where I lived for a year, I ALSO took a bus. I was in no hurry, and bumped along, stopping where I felt like it. I took that bus all the way to Iquique. If you've gone that far, La Paz ain't that much farther.

Of course, the most expedient way is to find a cheap flight and fly. I assume that's no why you're going all the way to South America, though.

Now, then. Reading your sentence as it lies, you just want to know how to look around. "Number 11 Bus"....but Santiago, Rio, and BsAs all have subways that can get you pretty much anywhere. Never been to La Paz, sorry.

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