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Well I'm leaving China this summer.. but before i do i need to do some travelling..

a friend of mine is coming over from canada and we only have like around 10 days.. maybe 14.. so the question is. what to do? where to go? how much RMB should i have..

I'm living in the fujian province, so i guess we should so some local stuff and then maybe head out to of course beijing and xi'an.. so any advice on where to stay? what to do? how much everything is gonna cost us..

and now im thinking more and more about making a stop over in thailand before going home.. so if thats possible, where would be the place to stay if you only had a week? any and all advice is welcome.

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Stop by Yunnan if you get the chance. It's nice here.

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It all depends on what you want to see, what you want to tell your friends and how long you have.

Yunnan is nice, its got everything from snow packed mountains to tropical rainforests. It has the highest concentration of indeginous/minority tribes in China. The Old City of LiJiang is beautiful.

SheChuan is nice too. Pandas are native to this province. It has wonders like jiuzhaigou & Huanglong.

Then there is Beijing with its imperial history.

Nanjing is nice too, former capital of China, still has an imperial palace. Capital under the KMT. SunYatSun is buried there.

Then there are a series of "Small" cities on the way from Nanjing to Shanghai that have a lot of history. Huangshan is in the area too.


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Thanks for the replies so far.. my friend is arriving this friday and the plan as of now is to spend a week or so in my little town, maybe head to fuzhou for the weekend and then fly to beijing for 8 days ?? (is this too long? long enough?) take a night train to xi'an and spend 2 days there, then we still have another week before we fly back home from xiamen, minus 2 days for xiamen and a day trip here and there in the fujian province, but we still have a few day to go and see something.. is there ne where near beijing, xi'an or the fujian that is a must see for china?


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Three or four days is probably enough for Beijing