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Hi All,

I will be in Australia from October for 3-4 months from the my research and forums i am starting in Cairns and working my way south towards Adelaide i appreciate train will take a while however i am ok with that if i am saving a lot of money. To save money would you advise getting a train to each destination Brisbane, Sydney etc? also what would be cost difference between getting a train and using a coach facility?

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Generally coaches are cheaper but to really know I would visit their websites and compare the prices. You will need to go to different websites as public transport is state run. This website is a good starting point the other websites you can Google.


The one tip I would have if you travel by train, try to avoid the on board food, it is pretty crap and overpriced. I don't know how many stops you intend to make on your way down but try to purchase something to eat in town;)

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I’m planning on traveling oz the same time of year! I’m planning starting in Brisbane and to my family in New South Wales! As from there I have no plans as yet! Still trying to peace it all together! Would love to know your plans and I would love to share some of mine!

Good luck with your trip

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