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Dear travellers,

I am an undergraduate university student completing a research assignment on digital innovation solution for impact on environmental and cultural aspects due to tourism in Venice. This is only an idea, it is not something which will be implemented in Venice in reality. it is only for assignment purposes.

One of the key issues with Venice is shown to be over-crowdedness and environmental & cultural impacts due to tourism. The environmental impact is from cruise ships. This is because large cruise ships come near the canal and the lagoon, which causes deterioration.

My idea which i propose is to have uber boats which bring in tourists from the cruise ships so that the environmental impact is reduced. These would be battery powered boats, reducing fumes. For the cultural aspect, I would create a virtual Venice, informing the tourists about the different places they visit and its history. Any feedback on this would be much appreciated.

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Please see the threads from your fellow students: Venice - Over crowdedness Solution and Venice - Overtourism Research Project, and make particular note of this reply by the admin of these forums:

A note to Pizza123, Nisaaa and any other classmates who want to get feedback on here. Please don't post any new threads on this basically identical topic. I'm sure you can read each other's threads to get the responses we've already made. We have a forum rule against duplicate posts and that includes situations like this.

I'm assuming that asking for feedback for your idea from travellers on a travel forum is a part of your assignment. You might want to inform your teacher that such assignments have impact on a travel forum like ours, and will influence our behaviour with responses, and that it would be beneficial if they'd contact us beforehand to establish some kind of guidelines.

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You'll see from the first thread which Sander directed you to that the site owner has asked for no new separate threads on this.

So please treat this thread as closed.

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