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I'm planning a trip around Asia and I'm wondering where should I start to have as many opportunities of cheap flights as possible.
Thank you all for answers :)

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Use the usual flight search engines.
Skyscanners, Kayak and the other one (I can't remember the name )

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Cheap flights

"...a trip around Asia.."


This sort of depends on "where from and where to" doesn't it! (Unless you are a troll-spammer.)

You should narrow down what countries you are referring to!

Some countries may have their own particular puddle jumper budget airlines.

Keep in mind that often budget airlines have a lower weight allowance for carry on luggage and check in luggage. (You pay extra for being overweight!) Some discount airlines may fly from secondary, smaller airports. (This means you may have to pay for a taxi or other transportation to get there.) Sometimes departures and arrivals are at inconvenient time.

Air Asia might be one of the many airlines you use in Southeast Asia. But normal tourists usually first select the countries they have an interest in and then check out airlines available! Sometimes a train or bus might be cheaper if a long wait is involved or you must go to a remote airport to save a dollar.

Where are you beginning your great journey from? If from Europe or N. America, for instance, my preference would be a full service airline which I have frequent flier miles with. (But that is me!)

What might be more important is visa requirements for each country you intend to visit. This will depend on the passport you plan on entering with. For some countries they might require a verifiable departure flight in a specified amount of time. This is called Proof of Onward Travel. Also you are supposed to have enough money available to see you through your holiday. Make Google your new friend to fill in some of the gaps.

Good luck.

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Thank you ;)

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