Working as a lawyer in Canada with an Italian Law degree?

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Hello everyone!

First of all, I realize my question is not exactly about travelling, but I noticed that these kinds of topics have been discussed here in the past so I hope i’m not saying anything that would sound totally off topic.

I’m an Italian law student and in a year or so i’ll finish my program and receive my law degree. Law school lasts 5 years in Italy (it’s what we call a “magistrale a ciclo unico”, so bachelor + LLM combined) and in order to be qualified as a lawyer you then have to train as a “praticante” for 2 years in a law firm and pass the bar exam.

Since my boyfriend is Canadian (long story, believe me), our future plans will probably take us on the other side of the Ocean and that’s why I’m trying to understand whether becoming a lawyer in Canada is an option for me or if it truly is almost impossible, as everyone make it seem.
Is joining a Canadian Law School for 3 more years the only possible option? I would be willing to keep studying, that’s not really an issue, but economically it would be incredibly challenging for me to be able to afford it.

If any of you knows someone who went through a similar situation or is able to give an advice on this matter, please let me know. Thank you in advance! x

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I'd ask one of your teachers and lawyers in Canada. At first sight, the italian law may not be the same as in Canada and they may speak another language.
I spent one year studying at université Laval, in Quebec, science of administration, I'm pretty sure they would know.

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Contact the Canadian Bar Association. In many USA states you don't have to have a law degree if you can pass the Bar exam. Of course that's easier said than done, but you can study for it without taking courses. Libraries would have the books. I have no idea what the rules are in Canada though.

It is certainly worth checking with the local Bar Association to see what you need to do,

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In Canada, each province has its own law society that regulates the legal profession. They have different requirements for becoming a lawyer, but generally you will need to have completed a Canadian law degree and have passed the bar exam in that province.

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The short answer is that it's possible, but it may take some extra steps and additional study.
One way to become a lawyer in Canada with an Italian law degree would be to study for and pass the bar exam in the province where you want to practice. This can be a challenging process and may require additional coursework or exams.

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MarieRogers and CliffFitzgerald:

Welcome to TP.

This question is 4 years old (date is top right of every post) so I'm sure the OP has sorted out her problem!

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