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I look for a way be able to chose another way of travel: "none". I mean, I have 3 trips, the first is a global and the two others (lets say trips #2 and #3) are detailed parts. Of course from the "entrance" of the second one to the end of it, i don't want trip #1 to continue, but I want it to resume then until trip #3 starts, etc.
Any idea how to do this?

If not, any idea how to split a trip into multiples without having to re-enter everything?


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Am I thick or ate you cryptic ?
I didn't get it at all.
We should ask maisouetdonc ...

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It sounds like you are asking about maping your trips on and something about changing mode of travel. I agree with woinparis it is not very clear what it is you are asking. From your profile it would seem English is not your first language Maybe try writing it out in French and putting it through Google Translate. Maybe that will structure it in a way that we could understand it better

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It sounds like you doing trips from a central home location (?) You start at the central location and that is Trip #1 and go to (for instance) the airport and then fly to a (Trip #2) place, tour, and return to the airport and go back to the home location ( back to Trip #1). And then you do another trip from the central home location where you (Trip #3) drive to someplace nearby???

If that is what it is, then I just make a separate trip out of each place I go - I don't write on Travellerspoint the things that I do at my home location. I do only the trips I make away from that location.

5. Posted by ornicar (Budding Member 8 posts) 38w Star this if you like it!

Hello. Sorry if I was too cryptic.
This is my need :
I have a big trip which is trip#1. For example a travel around the world.
Trip #2 is a detailed part of this trip, in South America for example.
I want trip#1 to "stop" from the entrance of South America, and resume after it.
Trip ~3 is, for example, a detailed part of trip#1, for example all details of Australia.
I also want trip#1 to stop at the entrance of trip#1 and resume until trip#2. And stop then. And resume after trip#2...
Which means that from the start of trip#2 until its end, trip#1 should have no line, or a travel-type of "none". Is this clearer now?

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OK I see what you are doing.

When I have done something similar on other websites (VT), I wrote the sections (Trip 2 and 3) as separate stand alone narratives. And then I linked them up with URLs of the sections.

So I would do Trip #1, and at the point where I got to South America, I would give a short summary of the South American part

For example I might say I landed in Rio and went to Lima and then to Cartagena before I went back to Rio - for more detail of this part of the trip start here [URL]

And then at the start of Trip #2 I might say This is the South American part of my trip around the world which started here [URL] and at the end of Trip #2, I might write This is the end of the South American section of my round the world trip. The next section is here [URL]

As for the map part, you would have all the details of Trip#2 on the map for that section, and just a few details on the Map#1 section. Using the details above you would just have Rio, Lima and Cartagena on the Trip#1 map and not have everything there.

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You should just create three separate trip maps.

You can then view them all together on the main map page.

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