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Traveling to Rome and a few other locations in Italy next month from the US and was wondering what I need in order to charge my iPhone, iPad, camera and external battery pack. Sounds like all I need is a power wall adapter instead of a converter from what I've read. Don't want to waste my money on a converter if I don't need one plus having to lug the thing around Italy for no reason. From what I've read, any of the smaller electronic's that except 110 to 240 current (dual current) will work with just the adapter. Does this sound about right?
I was also planning to purchase a multi-function external battery pack such as an AC output power bank in order to recharge both of our iPads while on the plane. Does anyone have a suggestion on which battery pack worked well for charging iPhones and iPads? Thanks for any help!

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Look at your phone battery, or camera battery, but most make a note that you can charge from 110 thru 240. Electric things like hair dryers and shavers have an issue, but I think you'll be good. You'll need a plug adapter, depending on where you go. These electronics are not being powered by the current, but by the battery, and the battery is being charged by the current. I actually carry around a small sort of clothespeg looking battery charger and sometimes just take out the battery while swapping in a spare for certain things. This thing plugs right into a USB port.

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I'm not sure where your home is but the sockets in Europe are likely to be different from your home ones. I always have a phone, a tablet, sometimes torch batteries, powerbanks and camera batteries to charge and my wife has similar things - we have just one outlet adaptor to change the socket from European to NZ and then I carry a four-gang NZ socket set so that we can plug everything in using just one adaptor. We use Cygnett 11000mAh powerbanks - plenty of power for everything for a couple of days.

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I'm from the UK (3 square pin) and for the past 15+ years have been happily charging my camera batteries, phone, past netbook and existing ipad using plug converters.

> any of the smaller electronic's that except 110 to 240 current (dual current) will work with just the adapter. Does this sound about right?

Absolutely right. It's things like hairdryers and curling tongs which need a converter.

Rather than carry a socket strip I take a couple of plug adaptors (very cheap to buy), plus a plug which has 2 USB ports. I can charge camera battery, phone and ipad at the same time (it's unusual to find a room with only one socket) with no problems. :-)

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Be sure to check your appliances for 120-240, but most are just fine these days. I never take a converter any more; they are heavy and bulky. I take a couple universal adapters that can be used all over the world and work well for computer, tablet and phone. I also take a couple extra camera batteries since I manage to go through at least two a day so I have an extra battery charger for the extra batteries. If you don't take your computer/tablet or upload to the Cloud, take a couple extra photo cards for your camera. I take an extra in case something happens to one.

I also take a small portable charger that I can use for my tablet on the plane because we have an 11-hour flight and my battery doesn't always last that long. Without my books, I'd go crazy on the plane.

You can find the universal adapters at Target, Walmart, luggage stores and departments and online at TravelSmith.com and Magellan.com

Enjoy your trip.

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Being from Europe, I do it the other way round but have no converteer either.
I use a multi adapter that I bought in an airport, very handy.
It allows for 2 usb on top.