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I have been working in the tourism industry for the last five years and am now working with a team of colleagues that are truly focused on making the visitor experience much better at attractions, tours, museums and galleries in destinations across North America. Our goal - enhancing the tourism experience for everyone. Everyone I work with is truly passionate about tourism - as we work to deliver remarkable hands-free tour entertainment for visitors from the world over. My question is, why can't we share the news? I read this forum's rules so I am not going to promote the company I work for, and quite frankly that's not my intention. I simply want to share the great news about how we are changing the tourism experience and making it better for Moms and Dads, kids, the elderly, and people with disabilities. It's better tourism for everyone. What's so wrong about wanting to share the news and open a dialogue? If you're interested - I'll send you a url. It would be great to hear what you think?


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Now that you've told us all, anyone who is interested is now able to pm you.
As long as your tourism is environmentally freindly though a.

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Great to hear, Jonathan, and sounds like you may have some good contributions to various threads around here. Rules are rules though and we're more than happy with ours at the moment. Thanks for sticking to them :) As Matt says, interested people can now PM you.

Oh and welcome to TP :) Hopefully you're not just 'doing the rounds' of the various forums and we might see you around some more..