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Does someone have any good tips or contacts for farm work in Australia who can sign for 2y visa? I’m running out of money and everything seems to be busy or plants not growing yet. Please help a lonely girl out :(

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Why not pull this forum up on your computer and do a forum search? Forum search option is at the top right hand side. Lots of posts on this forum over the years.

Click on below link for a quick search. Or just enter farm work australia in the forum search space.


Google search might also be helpful too to get you steered in the right direction.

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The National Harvest Guide (a PDF download further down on that page) lists when different regions have peak season for different crops, and so should be helpful for you.
For NSW, I see Hay having vegetable-season come April, the Cotton season starting around now in Moree and Mungindi (and soon in Narrabri, Warren and Wee Waa).
Queensland has Custard Apples starting in Atherton, etc, etc.

I don't have personal experience, but would expect that you can easily find work if you arrive in a region shortly before peak season starts. (Obviously once peak season is there, all farms will have made certain to have all the labour they need.)

You can check that the postcodes of the various regions fall in "regional areas" in the table for "Regional areas" here (you have to expand that section). If so, all farms there should be able to give you the necessary documentation.

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Here are a few sites you can check.

Hope this helps

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Heya, I was in a similar position to you when I was in Aus - I only had 4 months left on Visa and was in desperate need to do my farm work but everything was pretty much filled up -

However I managed to get lucky and got a job on a Vine nursery in Mildura - Not sure if they are still operating but it was KC Vines and nursery - but if you are staying in a hostel or even nip into places like Peter pans they should have a book which lists all the areas which you can do Rural work in.

People actually get confused about this, but the rural work doesn't just have to be farm work, it can be a specified job in a post code that's classified as a rural area.

The previous comment has also listed some very good websites you can look through to.

Good luck - hope you find something.