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1. Posted by kpr (First Time Poster 1 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Pls help me decide which country would be better to visit this March 2004? Is it Malaysia or Singapore? I will be travelling with my wife and 5 yrs old kid (so not particularly interested in nightclubs!) and we are not particular about tasting great food (strict vegetarians). We plan to stay for 4-5 days and are interested in sightseeing - theme parks, etc (plus a bit of shopping). A good comparision between KL/Genting and Singapore would help :) Thanks !

2. Posted by alualu (Budding Member 3 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

There are more things to see in Malaysia. You can do Singapore in 1 day - I've done just that. Definitely travel Malaysia and you'll see a whole lot more of things. You won't get bored, guaranteed

My recommendation:
Malacca (Melaka) for historical sights
Cameron Highlands for trekking and nature-loving
Kuala Kangsar for lovely gardens and great strolling
Penang for the contrast. A charming blend of old and new
Kuala Lipis/Jerantut/Kuala Krai - for rainforest and nature appreciation
Kota Bahru - for a good example of the Malay heartland
Pulau Perhentian - for tropical island paradise.

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Singapore is a great place to shop. The country is very safe. You could walk the street at night alone. There is a 24hrs shopping centre, Mustafa, where you could buy almost anything. It is very popular with South Asia travellers. Singapore also has many good vegetatrian restaurant, esp along Serangoon Road. The bird park and Zoo are nice. If you like nature visit the Botanical and Orchid Garden. It is easy to move around in Singapore. Fast and clean trains, taxi by meters and buses.

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if i were to chose between Malaysia and Singapore.. i'd definitely pick Singapore! Haven't been there though but i've done a lot of researches about the country and its just great! You can't trade its Sentosa Island, the Night Safari, the shopping malls at Orchard Road, and other places of interest. Im sure your wife and kid would have a great time! im planning to go there this December ;-)

5. Posted by cairel (Budding Member 13 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Looking to your preference i would suggest you to go to KL, not because i'm fr KL but there lot's of thing you can do in Malaysia...

Fr tropical rainforest with the secrets of million years to thousands of miles of beautiful coastline, malaysia is a constant revelation to its visitor. All over malaysia, there are many theme park both indoor & outdoor for weekend fun & family entertainment centre located within the precints of malls. A popular choice is the water theme park as malaysia warm and sunny climate is an excellent inducement to get wet.

For start 51km from KL one could fine Genting Highland with it's tagline "City of Entertainment" this resort is a comprehensive holiday destination incorporating a wide range of recreational and sporting facilities as well as luxurious hotels & apartment complexes (fr RM65 onwards per night). Located 2,000 meters above the sea level, it has matured into the region's premier hill resort and house Malaysia First Indoor & outdoor theme park both of which are still growing.

Then you can spend a night in malacca for it's historical city and end your trip in KL for resplendent traditional architecture blends with modern building like the Petronas Twin Tower.

As our country tagline "Malaysia Truly Asia" the harmonious blend of three main races and other indigenous cultures provide visitor with many exciting cultural festival and event throughout the year.

Malaysia spendours and natural beauty is best experienced and discovered, not just talked or read about so "Selamat Datang -welcome to malaysia". Visit us and enjoy the country.

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you can easily see the whole singapore in a whole day the places to see there is jurong bird park,night safari,orchard road,jurong flower garden and sentosa island.

malaysia is far cheaper and a whole lot of things can be done there

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if you're looking for time to spend with ur kid at great theme park..would definately recommend to visit Sentosa instead of Genting..
Genting theme park is way to small..and sometimes most of riders are closed or under repair...Night safari in singapore is "must see" too ..whereabout in m'sia.. it's just too plain n small...
but if you're looking for places to shop or to laze around in the islands.. nothing beat m'sian east coast .

8. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

hi kpr,

I'm a malaysian, what else can I say? haha...
But I do a "once in a blue moon" Singapore goer.
I've S'porean friends, and I've wonder around S'pore too. Do not worry on both places whether ur in M'sia or SG.
Both countries are just seperated by the causeway.
You can even walk across to S'pore or vice versa. It's so near.

What I can say is, if you prefer to go shopping and wondering around in big city or more in to "city-life", S'pore would be ideal.( you can get those in M'sia too especially in Kuala Lumpur) But if you're to get in to a more natural side, such like "be with the nature", Malaysia will definitely hold the upper hand then.

Genting and Sentosa is an entertainment park, Sentosa is definitely a bigger one compare to Genting.
The main different is that Genting is located up the hill and it's cold and covered with fogs, where Sentosa is sunny and hot Island,

Besides, when come to vegetarians food... you can find it freely in any places. There're lots of Malaysian and Singaporean vege eater too. So do not worry.

Well, you have a nice decent trips then.
Good journey.