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I've booked to stay a couple of nights on khao sarn road with a couple of friends and it's our first backpacker experience. However, I am a bit anxious since I don't know the area very well, is it like the drug hub of Bangkok? Was just checking out some videos of the road -snip- and one was asking people about marijuana legalization, I mean why would they choose that location right? Also how illegal is weed in thailand?

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I have been there a few times and never felt like it was a "Drug Hub". its a great street for street vendors and bars/pubs. Its not the most "Pretty" of places but still a good meeting point etc.

In regards to how illegal is weed, its entirely up to you what you wanna do but if you are caught with it they do not take it lightly at all - -

They dont even allow Medical over there.

Where did you book into stay? on Kao San Road??

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Khao San Road is the backpackers area.
it's become very 'backpacker touristy' so although it's very easy to live there, it's actually quite expensive by Thai standards (still cheap by western standards).

I'm sure you can get any drugs you want there, but you'd be really dumb to actually buy any illegal ones as there's a fair chance that within a minute of you buying the stuff a policeman will be arresting you giving you two options.
No1 being that you contribute most of your money to his pension fund (which would probably mean you having to return home very quickly afterwards) or
No2 which is going to court which has a best case result of you being thrown out of the country with a big fine (after a few nights in jail) and a worst case where you stay in one of their jails for a long time (much longer than any western country would sentence you to).
It's one of the countries where taking a risk to get high has some extremely serious downsides, so do not do it.

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"I've booked to stay a couple of nights on khao sarn road with a couple of friends and it's our first backpacker experience."

For only 2 days you should survive unless you are a complete idiot! Millions of tourists visit Bangkok every year. Khao San Road area (Banglamphu) is popular with quite a few younger tourists, some in school or just out, sometimes to be around other like tourists. Quite a bit to walk to in the nearby area. Google search will give you some of the things available in this area.

Well if you intend to smoke dope be prepared to pay the price! Penalties can be high! (Pun intended!) If you are so hooked on smoking dope you will take chances don't visit Thailand! Some clubs are raided and tourists and locals can be drug tested. In some places in Asia the drug dealer who sells you the dope can make money ratting you out too.

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If you want to do dope visit Amsterdam. If you want to visit Thailand and do normal tourist things you can have a nice time. You sound young, some younger tourist seem to like Koh Phangan full moon parties where they can do stupid stuff without mommy and daddy being a witness.

Bangkok is a big city, I prefer to stay in the city area where I can use the cheap city rail system. But I am an old fart and kind of set in my ways. You can make the holiday worthwhile or a waste of time. (I like Nana - Asoke area. Skytrain, nightlife, malls, good restaurants and subway available, etc.)

  • Not sure where you are coming from. If you or your travel companions are carrying any dope with you some travelers get stopped at airports. Some "in-between countries" with strict drug laws you can be arrested there too! So do some research!

Up to you.

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Khao San used to be full of drug addicts a long time ago, I haven’t seen any in that area since many years (also at the Full Moon Party in Ko Phangnan, there will be about 50 extra police man for a week looking for drug users).
The disadvantage of Khao San is very bad public transport, no shopping centers and a lot of noise, the advantage is most touristic sights of Bangkok are in walking distance and it is cheaper then the Sukhumvit/Asok/Nana and the Silom area, and a lot of travel agencies geared towards backpackers.