two 12hr flights... anyone experiencing?

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hello everyone!

first time posting :)
just wanted to get an idea of how bad my possible future travel plans might be... if i should do it or not.
i currently live in seoul for the time being but my very close friend is getting married (to a another very close friend of mine) back at home in LA and everyone at the wedding will basically be my close friend! we're all from the same small church so we're basically all best friends so the wedding is a big thing to be at.
the issue is i would be leaving on a thursday after my job, getting on a 12hr flight and arriving in LA on friday afternoon, spending that day/night, waking up and going to the wedding, and immediately catching another 13hr flight back to seoul and arriving at 5am on a monday and going to work in a couple of hours.
i hate long flights and i have a fear of throwing up and i read that being really tired can cause throwing up/flights can cause stomach bugs.
not sure if i'll be okay for this flight / if it's even okay to do 2 long flights in such a short amount of time.
i'm basically posting on here for some assurance that it's fine to do this / if anyone's done this or knows someone that has or if it's the worst idea ever.
appreciate any answers!! i'm completely undecided on what to do and i have to make up my mind in a couple of days. thank you in advance!!!

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I took a trip to Seattle from Australia once. That’s a 14/15 hour flight. Spent I think it was 2 nights (or maybe it was 3 nights) there before flying back. Not a particular problem but it was a lot of flying around.

I was actually kind of unwell before the trip which was pretty ordinary - it was already before any of the flying though so had nothing to do with that.

All in all to say - it’s less than ideal but definitely doable to jet back and forth like that.

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You should be OK. Your body will still be tuned to the time in Seoul when you arrive in LA. For example, if you're arriving in LA at 14:50 it will be 6:50 the next day in Seoul. You might be tired when you arrive, but if you get some sun and keep active the day of arrival I suspect you'll be fine.

Consult this Web site:

On lengthy flights I suggest this routine: Eat, sleep, watch a movie. Repeat.

I'm flying Wednesday from Atlanta to Tokyo. The flight takes about 14 hours.

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I just had 6 10 hour flights last months. My way of coping: Eat pasta the day before. On the Eastward flight take an overnight flight and try to get as much sleep as possible. For the Westward flight try to create two short days; you'll be flying with the Sun, what always will increase the daytime. No alcohol, coffee or tea will help, but with attending a party it will be hard. And adjust your time to the time of destination before you depart. After arriving walk outside around Noon; the Sun will help to adjust your internal clock. Do this a couple of days. Have fun. PJ

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Once I was smart. I took a flight in San Francisco. Stopped at Newark then to paris. I didn't sleep and boarded at Sf at 8 am or so. Slept the entire flight. Had an enormous hamburger at Newark. Boarded and slept the whole flight.
Now I just take melatonin. Helps (me) a lot. Doesn't help my wife.

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I've actually done back-to-back 12 hour flights. I wouldn't do it again if I didn't absolutely have to, but I survived nicely. You are looking at a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Yes, you will be very tired when you get home, but you'll have some terrific memories. Don't worry about being sick on the plane. It's probably not going to happen. My father always used to say, "99% of the things you worry about never happen." with the intimation that it was silly to spend valuable time worrying. Just enjoy and plan to sleep when you get home.

Have a great trip.

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Quoting Beausoleil

I've actually done back-to-back 12 hour flights. I wouldn't do it again if I didn't absolutely have to, but I survived nicely.

I do this quite often - UK to New Zealand or Australia. Having done it with a couple of days stopover and had painful jetlag I've taken to getting it out of the way with just the necessary break to change planes.

The journey is exhausting but the circadian is a bit quicker to deal with one scrambling rather than letting it get part-way adapted then scrambling it again.

The exception is next time. We're doing the outbound journey straight through, but on return having a few days in HK. I figure it's few enough hours of timezone change not to trouble us, and we could in fact gradually adapt, then the final homeward leg will be fewer timezones so maybe an easier adaptation afterward.