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1. Posted by spocklogic (Moderator 29 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

This forum is for the master list of all TravBuddy (TB) members who are migrating to Travellerspoint (TP). I will continue to add to the list here as we go along, now that TravBuddy has shut down. Post here if you were a former TravBuddy member, and I'll see you are added to the list. This will serve as a useful resource for TravBuddy members wishing to connect here at our new home on Travellerspoint. There is also a Group I created for former TravBuddy members, so join there if you wish also.

Former Travbuddy Members (A Travellerspoint Group)

A special Thanks to Peter for making us all feel welcome and for his extra efforts to transfer some TravBuddy content (blogs, reviews, photos) over here to Travellerspoint. This should make the transition here much more pleasant with our content following us.

\\// ~spocklogic

2. Posted by spocklogic (Moderator 29 posts) 3y 1 Star this if you like it!

Master list of TravBuddy members who are members on Travellerspoint

TravBuddy name : Travellerspoint link
aad_aad (Adriaan) : Adriaan-
ace_dubai (Nayeen) : acedxb
Africancrab (Harriet) : Africancrab
Airpunk (Karl) - Airpunk
alectrevor (Alec) : alectrevor
alexchan (Alex) : alexchan
almond (Kong) tyk
aloneinthecrowd (Jutta) : aloneinthecrowd
alyssa_ob (Alyssa) : alyssa_ob
Amudha_Colaco (Amudha) : Amudha Colaco
Andraf (Andreea) : Andraf
andrejannyheg (Andre) : andrejannyheg
Andy99 (Andy) : AndyLADC
Angeline_elin (Angeline): Angeline_elin
Aquaholicme2 (Sumit) Aquaholicme2
Aurora78 (Yanti) : Aurora78
atreehouse (Anup) : atreehouse
aurelyacinta (Eno) : aurelyacinta
bensonryan (Ryan) : bensonryan
Avelinol (Avelino) : solopes
avieira67 (Antonio) : avieira67
berutoran (??) : berutoran
Besandri (Brian) : Besandri
bhush2006 (Bhushan) : bhush2006
binky (Binky) : CuriousBinky
Bojasem (Taher) : bojasem
bohemiaworld (Sam) : Thebrittravels
breezejen (Jen) breezejen
Caliber-A (Armand) : ARMANDtherover
cicie (Cicie) : ci cie
chefwar (Eshwar) : Chefwar
Chokk (Christian) : Chokk
cneoridium (David) : Cneoridium
cotton_foam (May) : pasyandoraCMay
Dabs (Kristi) : Dabs
Dahling (Bettina) : Dahling
DAO (Dao) : DAOonVT
dark-phoenix (Chris) : DarkerDays
Dr_Seuss (Ian) : Dr_Seuss
callufrax (Stephen) : atmrtwbike
cottonwood (Loren) : Cottonwood
diisha392 (Meredith) : diisha392
Dymphna (Lee Ann) : Dymphna
eefab (Eef) : eefab
Esterrene (Amber) : Esterrene
evagoblog (Evangeline) evagoblog
fafafooooey (Thor) : TravelingThor
fahada (Fahad) fahada
Farore (Joyce) : Astreia
fransglobal (Francis) : Fransglobal
freespirit3 (Robyn) : freespirit3
german_eagle (Ingo) : german_eagle
globetrottingmike (Mike) : globetrotmike
goezi (Chad) : GoEzi
Halilee (Hali) : Halilee
Haydenerg (Astrid) : Haydenerg
hayley_phoon (Hayley) : hayleyphoon
HelenP (Helen) : Helen P
grandmar (RosalieAnn) : greatgrandmaR
hanleyscot (Scot) : scothanley
hedge74 (Marcel) : Hedge74
hightide (Fay) : Hightide
Holeydel (Holeydel) : Holeydel
Homeres (Jess) : jessofalltrades
holdmyhandsforever (Noel) : noelontheroad
horscheck (Holger) : HORSCHECK
hotrodwv (Chris) : hotrodwv
huibdos (Huib) : Huibdos
idiosyncraticJRNYS (??) - Idiosyncraticjs
ilovenewjersey (Romel) : ilovenewjersey
Ils1976 (Ils) : Ils1976
Ilsertia (Ilse) : Ilserita
iMush (Simone) : iMush
irenem (Irene) : irenevt
itravel1 (Michael) : itravel1
jeminigirl (Allie) : Jeminigirl
jendara (Jose) : jendara
JessieJessie (Jessie) : Jessiemeow
jethanad (Jet) : jethanad
jynmarino (Jayne) JYNM
karen618 (Karen) : Travel2lovelife
KarinaKalinka (Karina) - KarinaKalinka
kat307 (Kat) : Kat307
Kathmandu1 (Sam) : TBRefugee
Kathrin_E (Kathrin) : Kathrin_E
kayguarnay (Anya) - Kayguarnay
kazimpinoy (Kazim) : kazimpinoy
keeweeset (Carole) : keeweeset
KeikoCreative (Keiko) : KeikoTraveller
ko2678 (John) : ko2678
Kenoa2018 (Keno) Kenoa2018
kshaiji (Khaled) : Kshaiji
Kurisu (Christian) : Usiruk
Kurama80 (Amy) : Kurama80
kvom (Kirk) : kvom
LatinSingerPA (Ruben) : LatinSingerPA
lheaaustria (Lhea) : lheaaustria
lrecht (Larry) : lrecht
MalenaN (Malena) : MalenaN
mellemel8 (Melle aka Queenie) - mellemel8
ms_travelr (Mikko) : ms_travelr
jennjeff1 (Jeff & Jenny) : Jennjeff1
margie_adventure (Margie) mar-g.adventure
margunn (Margunn) margunn
mariha2912 (Mariha) : mariha2912
marksreynolds (Mark) : AnnapolisMark
maryanntravel (Mary Ann) : maryanntravel
matrix_sublime (Maricar) : marix_sublime
Maurizioago (Maurizio) : Maurizioagos
maykal (Michael) : maykal
Memo (Mehmet) : Memocka
mkrh (Michael) MKRH
mmeymey (Maya) : mmeymey
Mezmerized (Karen) : Spinky
milestx (Miles) : MilesTX
mirzao_ (Mire) : mirzao_
missandrea81 (Andrea) : missandrea81
monky (Monica) : monky
monkeymia79 (Melanie) : monkeymia_79
mountaingirl (Sue) : mountainsue
mr_shanet (Shane) - Shane Mateo
nathanphil (Nathan) : Parkbenchtour
Nemorino (Don) : Nemorino
neo_dare_devil (Kharlo) neo_dare_devil
nolan (Nolan) : NT01
nyk_flashpacker (Nyk) nyk_flashpacker
odelia (Odelia) - odelia
odiseya (Aleksandra) : Odiseya
paull75 (Paul) : Paul NL
Paulovic (Paul) : Paulovic
pensacolapyro (John) : Pensacolapyro
pfsmalo (Paul) : pfsmalo
Pobster (Paula) : Pobster
pyros (Rui): Pyrgos
row-zzzzz (Roselle) - row-zzzzz
shavy (Belinda) : Shavy
SirRosco (Boris) : SirRosco
sanfoodie (Sanjeev) : Sanfoodie
sarahelaine (Sarah) : Sarahelainecp
shrimp56 (Sally) : shrimp56
shylla (Shylla) : shylla
simsing (Sima) : simsing
skippyed (Jayne) : skippyed
skyter (Daniel): dan laowai
spicyricecake (Lila) : spicyricecake
spocklogic (Brian) : spocklogic
stacey72 (Stacey) : staceystacey72
starship1 (Sylvia) : starship-VT
stefmuts (Stefanie) : Stefmuts
StupidGuy (Roslan) : StupidGuy
strangemystic (Dom) : DomR
Sunflower300 (Elke) - Sunflower300
super_otap (Anne) : super_otap
surfoz (Jeremy) : surfoz
sweettangerine (Tania) - Sweettangerine
sylviandavid (Sylvia) : sylviandavid
the_bill (Bill) : the_bill
The Johnsons (Annette) : TheJohnsons
tiggerlily (Reg) : tiggerlily
tj1777 (Mickey) : tj1777
Toonsarah (Sarah) : ToonSarah
traveldoc1984 (Calvin) - traveldoc1984
travel_geek (??) : travel_geek
trinademattei (Trina) : Tdemattei
trippin_jen (Jenny) : Trippin_jen
ulis (Uli) : UliS
Ula (Ula) : TravUla
vances (Vance) : vances
vicIII (victor) : Vic_IV
Vikram (Vikram) : vikramonthemove
viviannekj (Vivian KJ) : viviannekj
WalterC (Walter) : WalterCh
walterman9999 (Walter) : walterman9999
wanderlust_rxist0324 (Lester) : marklesterrific
wandafromtexas (Wanda) : wandafromtexas
wayneollerenshaw (Wayne) : Wayn0_o
webbeachboy (David) WebBeachBoy
Wermar (Marianne) - Wermar
westwind57 (Jacques) : westwind57
wouternet (Wouter) : wouternet
xander_van_hoof (Xander) : Xannie
X_Drive (Roger) : X_Drive
yasuyo (Yasuyo) : Yasuyo
ys464 (Yuiko) : ys484
Zagnut66 (Bill) : Zagnut66
Zainita (Zaina) : Zainita
34Chicago23 (Lindsay) : 34Chicago23
00Tanu00 (Tanuja) Tanuja
??? (John) rrjohn

Count: 189 members

[ Edit: Updated on July 3, 2018 ]

3. Posted by kvom (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Just joined

4. Posted by Kayguarnay (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Hi! I am a TBer also. Please add me?

5. Posted by Ils1976 (Respected Member 47 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Hello from Belgium, former TB'er as well ... still feeling sad of the loss of this beautiful site, but I am sure we are going to fit in here just great!

6. Posted by Airpunk (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

You can add me as well, Brian. I was Airpunk at VT, TB and also here. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to be too active over here until now. All the best - Karl

7. Posted by Idiosyncraticjs (First Time Poster 1 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Hi just signed up

8. Posted by pasyandoraCMay (Budding Member 8 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Ils1976

Hello from Belgium, former TB'er as well ... still feeling sad of the loss of this beautiful site, but I am sure we are going to fit in here just great!

Same here… but I agree, lets keep the TB spirit alive!

9. Posted by Yasuyo (Budding Member 9 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Thank you Brian creating the list such a hard work I guess!
Glad to see friends from TB at here and we can keep contact with TB spirit!

10. Posted by spocklogic (Moderator 29 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

New additions - 11 members added in total to the list:

KarinaKalinka (Karina), Wermar (Marianne), traveldoc1984 (Calvin), row-zzzzz (Roselle), Sunflower300 (Elke), mr_shanet (Shane), mellemel8 (Melle aka Queenie), kayguarnay (Kay), sweettangerine (Tania), Airpunk (Karl), idiosyncraticJRNYS (??).

With TravBuddy closed now, this is the new place to get your TB name on the list and I’ll add that here with your TP link. I’m seeing some members on FB say they signed on TP, so checking on that and adding them also. I'm sure I will not be able to catch them all, so do help out notifying me. Let others know of this forum also, and to post their name so we all know they are here. Otherwise, if you see TB members here who are not on the list, please do let me know.

As Yasuyo said, it is good to see friends from TravBuddy here to stay connected with TB spirit and indeed a new spirit for TP also.