jobs and accomm in banff late nov-early dec???

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Hi i was wondering if someone could advise me about how hard it will be to find accomodation and a job in banff in late nov-early dec. I am willing to do anything with regards to work. I have heard whistler is nearly impossible and i was wondering how banff is in comparison?


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Thought about Fernie?

They get the heaviest snow falls of the lot, had a great time there... its not as publicised as say whistler or banff, but its all the better for it.

It's only 40miles from the U.S border too and you can go down to Big Mountain from there.

Also, there was an Australian connection there, in the first day on slopes I spoke to more aussie staff than others ....

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Banff wont be too hard... Canmore is where its at though, still in the mountains and only about 20 minutes from Banff...

Are you looking to Ski?

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thanks for your help i was just wondering because i've been told whistler is a nightmare in november and i wasn't sure if banff would be the same. i actually haven't got my heart set on any one place but i will probably check out different ski towns when i'm there to see where i want to stay. fernie is actually the other place i've been looking into as well as banff. i'm planning on snowboarding and basically want to go somewhere where i will meet some grassroots and outdoorsy people (australians are fine as i will be 21 and it's my first time away from home so i actually don't mind the prospect of meeting lots of aussies). that said i don't mind meeting people who want to party as well as i know banff is full of them and i don't mind to party a bit myself, i just also want to get out a lot and enjoy nature. i'm just hoping to meet some inspiring people on my travels as i'm in a bit of a rut in my hometown here in Oz and want to get out and meet some outgoing people who want to live life in full.

enough of the yak from me. thanks!

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Do not go to Banff and look for any job. The jobs are so unreliable, the hours are usually less than they say they are when they hire you, the accomodations (appartment/flats) are not so consistant, either. Retail is the worst- huge turnover. Resorts and hotels have limited accom. often only for housekeeping staff, and really entry level/bottom feeders of white-collar workforce. The best bet for Banff, Alberta, is to go to my Banff Lifeand use it to apply for the posted jobs. Also, recommended, is Hcareers for job-searching in all of Canada, in the hospitality/tourism field.

Know this from someone else's experiences in banff.

good luck.


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Don't wanna flame, but browse to some older topics and you'll find a lot of your answers. Search and you shall find.