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I recently added an old TB blog about my 2012 trip to Jiuzhaiguo National Park in Sichuan Province China, north of Chengdu. In August 2017, this area was epicenter of an earthquake. I knew that there was damage but had no idea of how bad it was. It seems much worse than I thought.

Anyone wanting to go there, please read this. The article is from shortly after the quake.

I also found this update is talking about reopening in March or May 2018 (the article and heading contain contradictory info). However, according to this page, no individual travelers are admitted anymore, only groups and only max. 2,000 persons/day. I cannot verify how accurate this page is. But if so, then this will make it virtually impossible to get access, unless you manage to join a Chinese group long time ahead.

From the articles and from what I heard recently from Chinese people:

  • The cliffs forming Nuorilang falls have partially collapsed (confirmed, but exact consequences unknown).
  • Sparkling lake does not exist anymore.
  • I have no recent info on Five Flower Lake and Mirror Lake, which were both affected (rockfall and damage to access path).
  • Reed Lake and Double Dragon Lake seem heavily affected, as the natural barriers holding the water to form these lakes have collapsed as well.
  • I have no idea if they have plans to "restore nature" so too say.

Anyone planning to go there, you'd better try to find some further updates.
If I find anything else, I will post it here. I will also add it to my blog pages.