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Hi everyone! :)
This is my first post here and it would be great if you could read to end.

My name is Mateusz and I come from Poland. I love travelling around the world. I have been in many countries, seen so many beautifull places and met a lot of great peopole too.

My girlfriend 2 June will have a 30th birthday. Her name is Joanna and it is very, very important person to me.

She didin’t travelling before becouse she is affraid off. She also never was flying by the plane. I convineced her to try so we searched oferts and bought tickets in good prices. In August we are going to Malta without organized trip. She is terrified by this fact.

My idea is to make her a surprise and:
- to creat a video with wishes from people around the world
- to convince her that travelling is beatifull, there are so many nice people on the earth,
- to fight with her fears and be calm on our tour,
-to make her happyy
 on her birthday

Thats why I came up with an idea to create a video with wishes from us, people from around the world, travellers and so many diffrent interesting people and charakters.

So....I have a request. If you will be interested in taking part in my idea by making a short film with birthday wishes short film and by the way, to cheer up and show that traveling is great I will be very very very grateful and sent you personals message with my thanks.

You can sent my your video by gmail: -snip-
I also, for the most interested put a video on TY and give you link :)

This is an example which I searched in YT:


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Just to give you some context for the probable lack of responses which I suspect you're going to get: We get variations on this request quite often on this forum. I haven't really kept track, but nearly every month, I'd think. And that's been going on for a couple of years now. And always from people who haven't been active on the forum / in the community before, and never show up again afterward.

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OK, I put a lot of work into this so I hope you like it.

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Dzien dobry.
Good luck, I will not participate as I don't see how total strangers giving me words of welcome would appeal to me...
I hope however you find people wh will do it, but can't you ask people you know via work or ... who know you a little bit to od it?

I have heard of aircompanies giving some help about reducing fear of flying, you may want to google this on internet. Recently we had to hold the hand of a terrified young woman on a plane. She was really stressed. A little preparation might do wonder to reduce her fears.

Have fun.

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This might be worth looking into

Once you take the first step it usually get easier

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