Obtaining full drivers license in New Zealand?

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Hi guys!

Me and my partner will be entering NZ on our WHV’s in a couple of months.
As we both don’t have our full UK drivers licenses (only provisional), we are wondering on how it works in NZ in comparison to the UK...
Are we able to gain a full drivers license on our WHV’s?
Is the process similar to AU’s, with the different stages and the 2-3 year wait between your learners and your full license?
Are we able to just complete our NZ theory test and then the practical like the UK, to get our full licenses?

Any help would be much appreciated!!!

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This site will tell you all you need to know:


I think you will find it difficult to provide the documents initially required for a NZ licence:


If you are accepted then you'll have to go down the normal route. I don't think your UK provisional licence is relevant because it doesn't prove anything at all about your driving experience or record.

In common with many other countries, other citizens who are resident in NZ for more than 12 months must convert their existing licence to a NZ licence...but you must already have a full overseas licence in order to do this (it's the same in the UK for NZ citizens, by the way).

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You cannot convert a provisional UK license into a full NZ license and you cannot 'convert' your provisional UK license into a NZ learner license or restricted license. But you can apply for a NZ learner license and then a restricted license after six months. You could go straight for the restricted license if you have a car to drive for the restricted test and you pass the test. You have to have had a restricted license for at least a year before going for a full license.

Unfortunately these are not going to be a great deal of use to you unless you can persuade someone in NZ who owns a car to allow you to practise in or use their vehicle or you go to a learner drivers' centre to use their vehicles. Without a full license (from NZ or UK), you will not be able to hire a car, nor will you be able to register a car of your own, even if you manage to buy one (and you really aren't allowed to do that unless you have a full license).

If you can, try to get a full license in the UK before coming here.

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Quoting sallietrenell

As we both don’t have our full UK drivers licenses (only provisional)

I appreciate that you don't have much time to do it, but I may be worthwhile rushing to sort out a full UK licence before you go.