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Hi Folks!
I plan to visit Serbia this august. I have some questions i would like to ask about Serbia. I hope you can help me out and provide me with information. That would be much appreciated. My questios are the following:
- Is it possible to get/buy city plans at tourist information and/or hotels in Serbian cities? (Do these city plans also show the locations of the monuments?)
- I will be in Vojvodina for about 10 days in August. I would like to stay at salaši in several etno villages such as Ticije polje. I never book lodging in advance when i travel. Is it possible to book lodging by showing up? Or will salaši be always be fully booked in august? It seems as if there is a lot of beds in the farmsteads. Also, are the ethic villages easy to reach by bus? And, is it possible to hire bikes for biking in the countryside of Vojvodina? Finally, Does Ticije Polje have lodging opportunities?
- are there trains in busses running frequently in Serbia between villages and cities? Are villages easy to reach by public transportation?
Thank you very much in advance for your help!
Kind regards,

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Buses are frequent, trains are in general unusual slow in Serbia, booking ahead is ususaly not necessary, local People might want to make some money by renting their room, but August is a major vacation time, i would be carrfully.
For maps, If you have a smartphone, download, you can download then Serbia (and Albania) and See every detail without any internet connection, what you can get there is s bit of a gamble.

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Hi Uli! Thank you so much for your help!