Any Traveler In Zanzibar From June 22nd to 25th?

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Hello There, I Am Local Tanzanian.
Tomorrow I will be in Zanzibar for the weekend as a Traveler and I would love to be Joined by fellow locals and foreigners as well, No Pressure.
I call this my "Zanzibar June Own Tour" and below is the itinerary I have with day and time stamps as well.

03:30AM Waking Up
04:15AM Bus to Ferry
06:00AM Ferry Check In
07:00AM Ferry Departs
09:00AM Arriving Zanzibar
09:10AM Stone Town Tour
12:40PM Check In at MB
13:00PM Lunch at Local Rest
13:30PM Bus to Jozani
14:30PM Arriving at Jozani
14:15PM Jozani Tour with Guide
16:45PM Bus to Darajani BM
17:45PM Arriving at BM
18:00PM Walk to Forodhani
19:00PM Dinner at Forodhani
TBC Any night life

07:00AM Bus to Jambiani
11:00AM Bus to Paje
14:00AM Bus to Bweju
Lunch at Bweju
17:00PM Bus to Taperia
18:00PM Dine at Taperia

07:30AM Waking Up
08:30AM Waiting at Darajani M
09:00AM Blue Safari Tour
18:00PM Return at MB
19:00PM Dinner at Lukmaan

08:00AM Waking Up
09:00AM Walking to Ferry
10:00AM Ferry Check In
11:00AM Arriving at Dar Port
I will be spending much time at Stone Town. So I am open to meet many people as I will be writing an article as well and hearing comments from fellow travelers will help me as well. There is no pressure on anything, so you can send me a private message if there is any part of this that you would like to share? On first day I am looking for any night life like clubbing on the island, I would love that. I am also humble to enter into a theater for original musics, I just checked on Mzingani and It will be closed until Sunday.

Thank You,

You can also write your advise on the itinerary if you think I have it very squeezed. For Saturday I have no specific places to concentrate on those beaches so an open recommendation is welcome as well.