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I've been planning this trip since February. All my flights and ferries booked in advance, I have two Interrail tickets for 10 trips each and already have hosts from CS in 80% of the cities. I leave on the 15th of July and come back on the 25th of September.
Here's a rough plan of the route:
Athens + a few islands (9 days)
Livorno, Lucca + Genoa
Como + Bellagio
Milan (21 days in Italy)
Lille (5 days in France)
Manchester (17 days in England)
The Hague
Amsterdam + small towns around it
Berlin (All of these in 18 days)

My budget is tiny, €1,500/2,000 for the whole thing. This is including €15 daily for food and also musuem+galleries, public transport and misc. I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke and I eat mostly only veggies. I would appreciate any comments on my plan, any advice and also suggestions for some not so mainstream places to go while in these places.
Thanks in advance!

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It's certainly doable. Your direction is wonky, though. I assume you need to leap from Italy leap to Paris and then start backtracking for some reason. With only this blurb to go on, I'd suggest you pick a route that has more flow.

It is no surprise that you'd get people saying that 2000 Euros is going to be tight. Though, with the advent of couch surfing (long behind me now) I suppose it's possible....but, DAMN, it'll be tight.....And the thing that will keep eating at your dough is the unobtrusive, yet deadly "misc".

You've quoted in Euros, which suggests to me that you're from Europe. This means, worse comes to worse, you can walk home. Hey. It's summertime. I say have at 'er. I did much the same, as an 18 year old, thumbing around NA. You can always find a job.

Still, smooth out the route, is my suggestion. Travel on!

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With 80% of your stays booked you are probably committed to this roue - a shame, as I would have advised doing it in reverse! You have the hottest countries (Greece, Italy) at the start, when they will be very hot, and the northern ones at the end - although having said that, September can be nicer in England than August!

Your daily budget seems very tight to me. Even eating only veggies you'll find it hard to get three meals a day for that in the UK, and you could spend half of it just getting around London each day. If you want to go sightseeing there (and I assume you will), you will have to focus on the free museums and galleries and skip going inside places such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey etc - but of course you can view them from outside. But if your base is outside the centre a daily trip in to see the sights will cost c 7 euros, leaving only 8 for food and anything else. Of course it's possible to do - if you live off bags of crisps and supermarket sandwich deals, but you need to come prepared to find it very tight.

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As the others have said, that's a tight budget, and I also think you're going to the most expensive places in Europe. I may find a couple of weeks on a basic budget to be okay, but doing it for as long as you are planning to would get a bit miserable.

That last 18 days seems to cram in a LOT of places, and depending on what you're planning on doing and seeing during your travels you may prefer to trim some of those 17 days for London & Manchester to make your Belgium/Netherlands/Germany section a bit more relaxed.

What DO you plan to see and do? Your pace seems pretty quick in places as though you're going for a quick look and to see the main tourist sights.

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IMO there are too many places and your budget is too small.
Is it 'do-able'? Probably but I'd spend all my time worrying about expense or travelling.
You'll have to buy all your necessities in the cheap supermarkets and carry them to the tourist sites, as buying a bottle of water there could take a big chunk of your daily budget and a coffee & sandwich could take all of it in one go. Especially in places like London, Munich, Berlin and Paris.
Even using the cheapest travel card, getting around London will take most of your daily budget, so I'd suggest you have a lower daily budget in the cheaper places or you'll be walking everywhere in the more expensive places.

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Your budget is too tiny I think, €15 daily for food and museum+galleries? Some museums already take 1/3 (if not all) of that budget and you can forget about eating out.
As AndyF said the last part of your tour is cramped
I would skip Brussels, Eindhoven, The Hague and Hannover, but that's my personal opinion

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I've visited the Netherlands many times, and if I could suggest something is to add Utrecht as a big city instead of Rotterdam since it's an old and authentic city with history and more attractions to see than Rotterdam which is a totally modern city, it may be a personal preference but instead of a cubic houses which aren't interesting at all I found Rotterdam to be boring unless you're planning on shopping there, or Giethoorn which is a very small village near Arnhem where you can rent a boat and enjoy a Hobbit similar style of town, with green everywhere and beautiful small houses, very relaxing check out the official site of the town to know what I mean

[ Edit: Sorry, no promos please. ]

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I have no promos to push, but I liked Utrecht myself. I spent a Canada Day there once, and enjoyed the pats on the back.

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I would recommend you to not stick on the Manchester and London, while you are in the UK, there is still more cities to see on 17 days! such as Edinburgh or Cornwall.

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Quoting sabri38

I would recommend you to not stick on the Manchester and London, while you are in the UK, there is still more cities to see on 17 days! such as Edinburgh or Cornwall.

Edinburgh and Cornwall are both lovely, but you can hardly call the latter a city! It's a rural county with mostly small towns and pretty coastal villages ;)