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I am travelling along the East cost of Australia in July, and am getting about using Greyhound buses hop-on hop-off pass. I was just looking for a little clarification on using the buses - If anyone has used recently at could help out that would be great! I feel like I've searched high and low on the site for answers to this but can't seem to find (apologies if I have missed something really obvious!) I've emailed Greyhound but it has been over a week with no response...

I have gone onto their site and logged in so it shows my pass. I've then booked all the different sectors of my journey. They are all listed in my itinerary e.g Sydney to Byron, Brisbane to Noosa but I didn't seem to receive any kind of email confirmation that I am actually booked onto those buses. It was automatically added without seeming to check or availability like it would if you were say booking a flight/train ticket online.

My question is - am I definitely booked on to the various bus journeys, just by the fact they show on the itinerary? Or should I have received individual confirmations for each sector that I would then show the driver?

Sorry for the question - I'm aware that this isn't a Greyhound bus advice site but I can't seem to find the info on these and Greyhound isn't appearing keen to get back to me! It would be great if anyone could let me know from experience!

Thanks :)


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I have never done a Greyhound bus tour, but more documentation is always better....and if you have a doubt about something like this, especially on a journey abroad, it's better to find out concrete facts. Me, I'd talk to someone voice to voice and ask my specific questions, and make them punch their computer and give specific answers. I've been screwed by airlines before, because something sort of looked legit and turned out to be not. Also, never underestimate a travel line's ability to f*%$ things up.

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