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1. Posted by jordana (Budding Member 20 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey has anyone been to Bali recently or heading there soon?? I'll be in Bali at the end of October. There's alot of hype around Bali at the minute cause of drug smuggling, should i be concerned about going there?? any thoughts??

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Hey Jordana,
I'm in a similar boat, going to be in Bali with a couple of friends the last two weeks in October. Havent really heard of any reason not to go, everyone I've talked to absolutley loved it, one of my friends who was there said that you'd want to stay more than 2 weeks there cos its that good!!!
What did you hear about it? I think you should only be concerned about it if they catch the drug smugglers and the country runs out!!!! Ha, kidding! Are you going on to Oz afterwards or what's your plan? We're leaving Dublin on 1st Sep for Thailand and Bali for 2months, then Oz for 8 months, on to New Zealand for a month, Fiji & the Cook Islands for 3 weeks then South America for a month.
Only thing I'm unsure about is the new Oz-visa situation. Did you hear about the chance to stay for 2 years? Apparently there's a new 2-yr visa coming out on 1st November, but you might have to do 3 months seasonal harvesting work or sumthin, not exactly sure, going in to our travel agents tomorrow or Thursday to ask them so if they shed some more light on the situation I'll give you a shout, so keep an eye on this section if you need the info!
Ok,I'll leave ya to it, reply if you want a chat about anything
Take Care

3. Posted by jordana (Budding Member 20 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!


Oh my goodness your trip is very similar to mine and i to leave from dublin. I leave on Sept 13th to Bangkok (vietnam, loas etc) to Hong kong to Bali and onto oz at the start of november. stay there for 4 months then on to new zealand to hawaii and then into US for 4 months. can't wait!!!!!

i think at this satge all sorts of crazy thoughts go through your head and when you read scary stories (schapelle corby drugs case) it scares you. i've also heard bali is perfect.

i'm trying to work at minute but alls i can think about is my year out. are you all set to go?? how much are you taking with you if you don't mind me asking?? i'm hopefully taking £10,000 do you think thats enough?? sorry for all the questions

chat soon

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A couple of things to watch out for in Bali (particularly Kuta). After dark if you're walking down the main street in Kuta watch out for locals hanging around in the less well lit areas, offering ecstasy etc, i'm sure the local police won't take too kindly too any transactions you may carry out with these people. Also, there are stray dogs all over the place, some don't look too healthy.

Apart from that, Bali is a pretty decent place to visit.

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I was in Bali last November for a month. It's as safe as most places I have visited really so I wouldn't be too concerned (pending you stay away from things like drugs etc but that can get you into serious trouble most places in the world).

I stayed at a wicked little place, kind of like Melrose Place with a neat little pool in the middle. Very friendly people and it was really cheap. Here's a photo and pm me if you want their contact details (they don't have a website I think...)


ps. 10 000 pounds will definitely get you a long way... count on roughly 75 aud per day in oz (you could get by on 50 but you'd probably not see/do much) but less in NZ and Bali!

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