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1. Posted by Stenksson (First Time Poster 1 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

So I’ve started planing my first interrailing trip across Europe and it will be my first trip carrying only a backpack. I’ve looked around on different sites and forums about which backpack that would suit me and my way of travel. The main way of traveling will be by train but of course local busses etc to get around.
I’m planning the trip to be for a month so I don’t need a massive bag. Hopefully the bag will stay the most part of the trip in various hostels, hotels etc while I’m carrying only the essentials for daily trips. For what I understand the best size of a backpack for this purpose would be somewhere between 30-45l.
So I started to look around and found two backpacks who caught my eye. Both for the look and the actual function of the backpack.
So if anyone ownes one of these or if you would take the time to help me out with some info and feedback I would be grateful. I’m new to the whole living in a backpack thing so I really don’t know what to look or look out for.

The first one is like a traveling backpack/suitcase. The Evergoods CTB40.

And the other one is the DoucheBag Hugger 30l

So in comparison which of these two would be the best for my trip?
Please feel free to give tips about any other backpack.

2. Posted by lubeceo (Budding Member 6 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Could not say much about the Evergoods backpack, however I’m really impressed with the quality of Hugger , it’s a perfect backpack for a lot of things: I can pack my camera gear and still have room for few other things , and the way the back of it - it’s shaped compare to any other bag out there ,how it kinda curves it’s just impressive and really comfortable.

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Looks like one of the options is in development and isn't available till an estimated December, and even then unlikely to be in shops to try.

Main thing for me is to try out a travelpack in the flesh. I want to know it has comfy straps, the weight balances well on the hips from a belly band. Then I want lockable zips, robust build, and good sized compartments for the things I'll carry along with front loading access. And I want to minimise carrying useless things like laptop compartments or wheels or extending handles which eat into interior space.

I like some of the Osprey and Eagle Creek travelpacks. I don't know their current ranges but I'd be looking for a smallish one which could carry a sensible sized daypack securely so it couldn't be removed by someone behind me.

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Since the Mod doesn't care about ads, I will go with it.

Depends on what you're going to do with it, but the rigging on the Douchebag (and we get that the word is an insult, right?) looks terrible if you're going to be hoisting stuff all the time. Front loading is always good for backpack travel.

The other one would be the one I'd buy. The Civic. If these were the two choices. To me, top loading bags suck for the urban backpacker. It's always front loading.

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Since this post keeps getting flagged -- I've had a long hard look at this and, as suspicious as it seems at first, I can't find any real evidence to suggest that it isn't a genuine question. So I'll leave it stand.

Stenksson, it seems that both these bags are not great options if you need something quick. One being a Kickstarter which may take a while to actually be made. And the second being out of stock, at least on the manufacturer's website.

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7. Posted by UliS (Travel Guru 138 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

I certainly would not pay that amount for a backbag

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Quoting UliS

I certainly would not pay that amount for a backbag

same here
That being said find a backpack with easy acces, I still regret getting one wirt only top acces, everything you need at any point is located at the bottom (unwritten rule or something but it is!)

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