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Hi All

Looking for some help. I want to take my wife and child to New York. Long story short as a teenager I did some things that I regret. I have a few cautions from around 10 years ago. Me and the other half planned to go to To the states around 6/7 years ago. Even though a lot of people I know lie and go via the ESTA method and get in I thought I would be upfront and honest about my regrettable past.

Anyway, I did all that was required and eventually got an interview at the embassy. Once waiting 8 hours to be seen I think I managed to pick the one clerk that was in a bad mood. After being honest about being in the wrong crowd, making silly mistakes and turning my life around for the better I was told I was denied. For some reason I was told I needed a medical which was an extra 200 odd pound at the time which I couldn’t afford and wouldn’t have made my booked flights. All very costly.

My question is as I don’t have convictions and they are cautions what would be my best route and because I didn’t follow through with the medical etc what are my chances if I reapply? Since then I haven’t been in trouble I am now married and have kids which I would hope would work in my favour. I also work within the aerospace industry so I have background checks in order to work in the industry and have no issues.

It’s a destination I have always wanted to visit and my other half has been multiple times and would not want to miss a holiday of a lifetime and get turned away.

Thanks all


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>as I don’t have convictions and they are cautions what would be my best route

Accepting a caution is a legal admission of guilt and is thus treated the same as a conviction. Your past criminal record and your previous visa denial mean you aren't eligible for an ESTA. Your previous interview details and visa denial will be recorded in the system so imo your only feasible option is to apply again for a tourist/visitor visa.

> For some reason I was told I needed a medical

A medical exam is not usually required for a tourist/visitor visa. Perhaps there was something in your past history which made the officer think a medical exam was appropriate.....or maybe you didn't apply for an ordinary tourist/visitor visa?

Interviews are carried out by border officials, not just 'clerks'. Bad mood or not, the person who interviews you is the person who makes the decision (sometimes after consultation with senior colleagues) about whether to grant a visa, to recommend that you apply for a waiver of ineligibility (a process which takes several months) or deny a visa.

No-one here or anywhere else can tell you what your chances are. I can only suggest that you re-apply, be honest and keep your fingers tightly crossed. If you're asked why you didn't follow through with the medical you could say that you simply couldn't spare the extra money at that time but that your circumstances have changed for the better.

Don't even think of booking a trip until you've been granted a visa.

Good luck!

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