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I'm looking at leaving for Aus in April 2019 after celebrating the big 30 in January....... I've travelled before but have never worked abroad. I'm really keen to complete farming work so I can get my second year visa.

I've taken a look at posts here and I can see more people are doing this in their late 20's which is great!! Do you have information on other forums/groups where you can meet people doing the same thing?

I'm just really want to make the "Australia dream" work so would like to be as prepared as possible and hopefully find some friends before the adventure starts!

I'm thinking of starting in Sydney as I know someone from there from back home but also don't want to just reply on him.....

For anyone that's taking on this adventure recently I would love to hear your stories! Just need a little reassurance 😂

Thanks in advance 😀

Katty (U.K. Traveller)

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If you are looking to connect to people this forum might be a good place to start:

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your time in Oz;)

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I'm far too old to know anything about the work visa thing for Auz, but I was under the impression that it was for 'Under 30s'. Are you certain you can get one?

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It does still seem to be limited at age 30, though for the past year the news has been circulating that they intend to increase it to 35. I've not managed to figure out when that's happening from a quick Google but maybe someone else knows?

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Quoting Andrew Mack

I'm far too old to know anything about the work visa thing for Auz, but I was under the impression that it was for 'Under 30s'. Are you certain you can get one?

It's until 30 (inclusive). You can apply for a WHV basically up to the day before you turn 31.

Last I heard about the age increase to 35 was that it was completely stalled, and not likely to see results anytime soon - but I haven't been following it at all, so that could very well be outdated again.

As for the original question on meeting people: there'll be plenty of fellow backpackers just starting off in whatever hostel you'll find yourself in at the start of your trip. Hang out in the lounge and/or kitchen, be approachable (i.e. not locked into the screen of phone or laptop), and you'll get to talking with other travellers without any effort, all more than happy to share ideas and suggestions.

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Hey Katty,
I'm also nearly 30 and your post has eased my anxietys a bit about my age.
My flights are booked in December this year and I'm also looking for farm work on arrival I actually posted on here a couple of days ago just asking for any information about jobs in the northern area as Google searches seem to make me dizzy with no solid information. I've also contacted a few farms and working hostels but the replys are very vague they say stuff like usally it's a good time for work. I'm guessing with farm work been very weather dependent they just don't no at the moment and am hoping they will have more information closer to the time.
I went to India last year and stayed in a mixture of guest houses and hostels and I was far from the older social outcast lol there was actually people quite a bit older and I felt very comfortable so there shouldn't be any reason why it would be any different in Australia.
Anyway if you know anything I don't regarding farm work in Australia give me a post 🙂

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Hey Katty!!

I too am celebrating my 30th a little before you and heading around April / May next year!

I've been working in France (winter and summer seasons for the last 3 years!) and having recently separated from the so I've decided it's time to go a bit further afield while I still can!

I was a little nervous as it would be the first time I have travelled solo but to come across this post does fill me with confidence that'll I'll be OK :

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Hi Katty,

Being nervous is completely expected especially when going on your own! I went to Melbourne 5 years ago on my own and was terrified. All I can say is that it will work out to be one of the best things you have ever done! Your say you've got your mate to rely on which could be great when you get there because its a new city they can show you round, but id say to get to know people you need to get into a decent hostel or a nice shared house. If your travelling hostel to hostel then you will have no problem meeting people you get on with no matter your age.

If you need any advice on where to go, hostels or anything else drop me a message!!

Good luck!