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I'm looking to travel to Argentina. Anybody have recommendations on where I should be sure to visit. I will be there for several weeks.

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Oh hell yeah! I started in El Calafate down south which is awesome. Great part too is that you can Border cross over to Chile at any time - trekking Torres Del Paine is AMAZING. El Chalten is fantastic- a tiny town with beautiful hiking and great food. Then up north to El Bolson. This is a very small town and they have a great market. I didn’t stay in town, but outside in a small lodge style hostel that I fell in love with so much I stayed a week. The local hiking is amazing but certainly from here down to the south is really about the outdoors. Up then to Bariloche. Hiking, skiing, amazing food and wine, beautiful. This a place for everyone at any time. Buenos Aires really is one of the most amazing cities in the world. Mendoza is awesome for wine tasting and food. Salta is just awesome. I rented a car in Salta to go up to Tilcara and the salt flats. While a car is good, I would have just stayed in Tilcara for much longer if I hadn’t had to get the car back to Salta! And if you are at all into horse riding staying at an estancia especially in Las Pampas just south of BA is awesome. Argentina is one of those countries I spent two months in, could go back to every year for the same amount of time, never see the same thing twice, or see the same thing twice and love it equally. One of the greatest counties in the world! Not cheap though- pre warning. Enjoy and PM with any questions!

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Thank you so much this is helpful. I'll let you know if I have more specific questions in December when I go

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Happy to be helpful! Please feel free to PM me closer to the time with any particular questions. I was there in 2012 so its been a wee while but I’ve directed friends to certain places in the last 5 years and it doesn’t seem too much has changed!

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Another vote for El Chalten as a great place to use as a base for fantastic hiking. See patagonia

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I found Argentina frustrating good few times: (1) very expensive, (2) lack use of credit cards. The distances are very long and low cost flying in it's infancy. All of the above should be seriously taken in to consideration when planning a trip!