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41. Posted by NT01 (Budding Member 63 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Wait for the newest iPhone XS which will be launched by next week (September 12). I have a iPhone X with 256 GB and so far, it's managed to keep up with me (I upgraded from the iPhone 7 within less than a year but I don't foresee upgrading from the iPhone X until another year). It is an all around device, and it just keeps on getting better. I have over 550 apps on the iPhone X, over half of these are travel related.

The reasons my iPhone X comes in handy for travel are the following:

1) great camera, easier to pull out compared to bringing a DSLR
2) great storage, I have over 25,000 photos on it and still can probably have double the number and the iPhone isn't full yet
3) my travel apps are for offline maps (useful when there is no data connection), translation (some allow for downloading basic phrases in your selected language for offline use), navigation (used in conjunction with the phone's GPS and offline maps like, Pocket Earth), itinerary planners, trip expense apps, currency converters, blogging, and so on. There is generally an app in the iPhone App Store or Google Play store for any imaginable purpose.
4) it's waterproof to a certain depth (IP67 rating)

Of course, as the iPhone is very expensive, it won't make sense if this is bought just for the basic apps and nothing more. For that purpose, the entry level Android phones will do. And since your brother already has a Samsung, upgrading it to a mid range Samsung would be the most logical choice. Perhaps consider the Samsung Galaxy J7 in dual SIM configuration if he doesn't want the high end Galaxy S9 or Note 9.

Again, it will really depend on the kind of smartphone user the buyer is - whether a power user, or just someone who wants the most basic functions.

42. Posted by lissi88 (Inactive 8 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Get the Samsung Note 8 or Samsung Note 9, for some real good camera, huge screen size and also amazingly fast. Nothing near to this.