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Hello fellow travellers!

I am currently in Uruguay! But I would like to visit Argentina and Brazil since I am so close.

Is it true that one must apply for a tourist visa in Brazil?

A y recommendations on wine tours in Argentina? I would like to do Buenos Aires and the wine region.

Any recommendations for these three countries will help me.... I will be in Uruguay well into September so any time coming up will be good.



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Brazil - it probably depends on your nationality. As a New Zealanders, a free visa on arrival (a stamp in your passport) comes as you pass through Immigration off the plane. Can't remember how long for - 30 or 60 days.

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4. Posted by hummingbird500 (Budding Member 40 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

I also just received my working schedule... I must work Friday afternoons and Saturday nights. So I suppose a weekend won't be the best time to go. Are week days just as fun in Buenos Aires?



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I was in Buenos Aires earlier this year; and can assure you that you'll have fun, even on weekdays.

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Buenos Aires is a Saturday city every day of the week haha! Amazing restaurants, architecture, dancing, music, wine....just walking and getting lost is reason enough to spend a week in the city. From BA you can head on a bus to Mendoza wine country. I can’t remember how long the bus ride was but the busses are awesome and the town of Mendoza, while not the most beautiful place in the world, is super convenient and town center is full of great restaurants showcasing local wine. The actual “wine country” is a local bus away where you can then rent bikes for the day which is a great way to go to some of the big wineries. However, if you want to really check out some of the best hiring a private driver for the day is certainly the way to go. When I was there in 2012 there wasn’t a hop on hop off bus that went into the “other valley” which is where the best wines are. Maybe there are now! There is also Las Pampas just a few hours south of BA if you like horses and the country, and if you have the time to get up north to Salta and Tilcara and the north it is its own spectacular region well recommended.
For Brazil, as said above depends on your nationality. Though I’m a NZ resident I’m a US citizen and had to to get my visa before I even got ont he plane (I got it in Argentina in a day). I was unbelievably surprised how much I loved Brazil as it wasn’t even on my radar in South America originally! Rio is actually a friggin amazing city and while its pricey (like, really, really expensive) it is well worth staying in Ipanema as they have the best restaurants (yes I’m a foodie), bars, beaches, and you can walk around at your leisure at all times of the day feeling safe and secure (at least I did). Isla Grande (I think) was lovely and can easily spend some time here just doing nothing. And moving north there is nothing short of brilliant trips. Way up north, Jericoacoara is one of the most special places I went to in South America.
Don’t underestimate flying from city to city if you’ve got a hankering to go far. It’s not cheap but its not much more than a long distance bus sometimes!