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1. Posted by SirGaw (Budding Member 45 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,

Last night I published a blog in a continuing series. In the past all new entries have automatically been sent to Facebook - not this time.

I received an automatically generated e mail from Travellerspoint suggesting, 'If you would like to have your future blog entries published to Facebook, please visit your blog management area on Travellerspoint and reauthenticate with Facebook.'

I've gone round and round in circles and just can't find where I make changes.

Help please and thanks.


2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5442 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I don't know for certain if this is what's happening, but it sounds likely:
Facebook has removed the ability for ALL third parties to post on the behalf of users (source). If that's indeed related, then there's just no way for travellerspoint to re-enable this functionality. As it's a recent change by facebook, which was badly communicated to developers, travellerspoint still has to update help and error messages surrounding this functionality.

Your only alternative to get new blogposts to show up on facebook now, is to announce them manually. :/

Sadly this isn't the first time that facebook has unilaterally broken integration functionality. I'd call it a major reason to just completely avoid facebook.

[ Edit: Edited on 09-Aug-2018, at 05:06 by Sander ]

3. Posted by Peter (Admin 6896 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Yeah that would explain it. Oh well, it was good while it lasted I guess

4. Posted by SirGaw (Budding Member 45 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the replies. Sander, I'd love to avoid Facebook, but to be quite frank, without them I doubt if I'd get the traffic. If you can suggest an alternative, I'd love to hear it because of a 'project' - thanks, David

5. Posted by ToonSarah (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Same thing just happened to me! Oh well, at least we know - and I always manually posted links in several FB groups so I guess I just need to keep doing that ;)