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I applied for a 3 month Australian vistors visa through this online company VISA FIRST.
Having filled in the required form, including my payment details (as required) their website failed on 4 occasions to upload a scan of my passport in the required form.
Since time was of the essence I went to a different site and obtained the necessary visa without problem.
The next day I received a phone call from Dublin from a woman who asked me to complete the form. I explained that their website had not allowed me to do so and I had obtained the visa elsewhere. Her response was that I had already paid and there was nothing she could do about a refund. She also lied and told me the company VISA FIRST had sent me an email - they had not.

VISA FIRST then proceeded to take the sum of £41.71 from my account even though no service had been provided by them and from my point of view was no longer needed. A dispute has now been opened with them by my bank for services not delivered.

VISA FIRST are NOT to be trusted and you use them at your peril.

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Since you're talking about pounds, can I conclude you're a UK citizen? If so, you wouldn't have needed a paid for visa at all, and could have gotten a free eVisitor to enter Australia, straight from the only source from which one should ever get Australian visas, namely the official Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

If for some reason you wouldn't be eligible for an eVisitor, then the ETA costs AUD $20 (about £11.40). You definitely weren't paying for a real visitor visa, since those start at AUD $140 (about £80).

In short, when you're just wanting to go for a straightforward visit to Australia as a tourist, all third party visa companies for Australia are completely unnecessary and should be avoided

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That company does have a warning of a scam blog on their Facebook page. It is possible you dealt with a scammer. Perhaps go to their FB page to satisfy yourself. The scammers are very clever at getting money out of people. Good luck.

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Hope you didn't pay at the other website as well! Since there is no charge for an eVisitor application