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I feel that the Dominican Republic is a destination for those who love the glory and variety of nature – stunning beaches, mountains, deserts and jungles. While a few coastal areas have succumbed to package tourism, with a little bit of savvy you can direct yourself to a more authentic Caribbean experience.

After traveling to the country on several occasions I have found some untouched beaches do remain, but the real treat is found inland, in the Cordillera Central. My favorite place is the area around Bonao (Los Quemados especially) because it’s so unspoiled. The sleepy pace of local life continues oblivious to the few travelers who trickle in looking to discover the treasures of the mountains, unpolluted by the mass tourism found on the coastline.

Things to do include horse riding, hiking to waterfalls, swimming in freshwater streams, and hiring bikes and motorcycles to explore the winding roads. The Dominican campo around Bonao offers a glimpse of a tantalizing world long forgotten in the wake of the all-inclusive resort boom. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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Marshall-I note that you haven't mentioned the slaughter this past week of innocent people by Government goons-how did the death of those innocents escape your attention?

Cold Blooded Murder is hardy good advertising for a Caribbean Paradise is it Marshall?

The fact is that the government of the Dominican Republic is brutally corrupt and the people are suffering now/have been suffering for decades.

Violence brutality and corruption do not a viable vacation destination make Marshall!

Anyone wanting more info do a simple search on

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In Marshall's defence, he made the post in this forum before those events had taken place.

The Dominican Republic doesn't have a monopoly on corruption and police brutality; the US and many western countries also have a lot to answer for. If travellers were to exclude all politically corrupt countries from their itineraries, I fear there would be nowhere left to go to. This does not mean we condone what these governments do, but boycotting and thereby punishing the citizens who make a living off tourism is not the answer either.

I know little about the Dominican Republic, but I feel Marshall has all the right in the world to promote it's attractive features. Of course, all travellers should check travel warnings before going anywhere and consider any risks carefully.