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1. Posted by LoneTraveler22 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 22w Star this if you like it!

I am traveling to Phuket, Thailand in September and I’m going to be there for about 2 weeks so I’m looking for people who might be doing the same looking for traveling buddies! I am 22 and from the United States.

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You might want to say if you are male or female. If you are female be sure to screen any guys who want to meet up with you. Meet them at a neutral location and not at your hotel. You have a chance to weed out the pervs and guys who think you will pay for their accommodation and attention.

For a first time visit you can't do too much research! Make Google your friend! Know how to get from airport to hotel. Know about changing your money to Thai baht.

Just Phuket? Not stopping in Bangkok for a visit? From the US many major airlines first stop at Bangkok.

Phuket can be more expensive than Bangkok if on a tight budget. Local transportation in Phuket can be a little pricey at times.

I guess you have checked the weather for Phuket for September. For me a little rain would not bother me that much. Hotel rooms are cheaper at this time of year.

If you haven't done so take the time to read up on scams to avoid. Renting water craft is one. Renting a motorbike and dying or getting seriously hurt happens too often. There are tourists who got hurt in Thailand begging for money on the internet to pay for medical care and damage to bikes or other property.

Changing US dollars in Thailand will get you a better rate of exchange. If you intend to use debit cards know that Thailand is more of a cash economy. You use their money for most day to day cheap purchases, When my cash runs out I use ATMs for cash withdrawals. There is a fee for using Thai ATMs so take out the most your hometown bank and the particular ATM allows. Same fee for a small amount or maximum you can take out. (Google search will give you help with changing money.)

For USD cash, bring the newer hundred dollar bills with the big heads. No stains, writing or other marks on the bills. Use safety boxes in your hotel so any people you meet do not rob you! Keep your passport safe and dry. I use Thai baht cash for cheap purchases and not use a card for every little dumba$$ thing like back home. The less I expose my card the less chance of card fraud. I notify my bank that I will have their card with me overseas before leaving home. You don't want your bank to freeze your account when withdrawals suddenly come from overseas because they suspect fraud.

In Thailand in major cities popular with tourists you can sign onto shared tours in person. Your hotel may have a tour desk. If not local travel agencies can provide a tour with a day's notice.

If you drink too much alcohol don't give the cops or authorities any crap. If your new buddies want to do some dope avoid them! Thailand has some strict policies on illegal drug use. Some cities and beach areas have restrictions on smoking tobacco. Also some areas enforce a ban on e-cigarettes. (Google it up!)

You might meet tourists at your hotel, on tours, walking around. If not you can still have a good time by yourself.

Good luck.

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Quoting karazyal

If you drink too much alcohol don't give the cops or authorities any crap.:

I'd add to that by saying "Don't get aggressive with anyone".
You may have a disagreement but if you raise your hand to one Thai guy then 20 others will suddenly appear, possibly with sticks but always without mercy.
It's extremely rare for a Thai person to start a fight but with lots off assistance they always always win them and they'll have the police on their side in the majority of cases (if your drunk then it's guaranteed).
Similarly there are lots of people there from different parts of the world with very different views on how to disagree, so one drunk guy may consider beating you to a pulp as the appropriate response to a very vocal disagreement over something you consider as quite minor.
It's rare but it happens, so don't let it happen to you.